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Sex Toy Chargers & Batteries

You’re ready for a night of hot, steamy fun with your favorite sex toy, but it won’t turn on. Keep your sex toys charged and ready for action with our collection of portable USB chargers as well as rechargeable and standard battery packs. You’ll have enough electricity to keep you buzzed for hours so that the excitement never stops!

Sex toys need a charge every now and then. Our assortment of sex toy batteries are essential for battery-operated toys and will keep you from having to run to the nearest hardware store. Stockpile a few packs so that you won’t miss out on the fun when your toy ends up dead.

Spare sex toy chargers are must-haves for your rechargeable toys. While they can hold a charge for a few hours, it’s important to plug in your sex toys for a quick electric boost to keep them in tiptop shape. Our portable accessories and USB cords also ensure you can take the electrical juice on the go so that you never miss out on orgasmic bliss when the mood strikes.

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