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Best Lesbian Sex Toys - 100% Price Match Guarantee

What Are the Best Sex Toys for Lesbians?

At Ella Paradis, we cater to a lot of different people and sexual needs. Whether you're looking for a clit stimulator, vibrator, dildo or anal toys, we have several types of lesbian sex toy in our shop to ensure that you get the ultimate experience with your partner.

For many people, adding toys into their sex life is often a way to add more pleasure or for some, to spice things up. This isn't limited to hetero couples, lesbians like to have their fun, too!

There are plenty of adult toys for lesbian couples such as vibrators, double-headed dildos and strap-on harnesses to name a few. Even if it's your first time — that is, your first lesbian experience, it's not uncommon to introduce toys into the mix.

The best toys are those that help both partners reach climax and get the most pleasure out of the session. Let's dive deeper into the subject and explore some of the high-quality toys we recommend.

Best Pleasure Tools for Lesbians

Pleasure is so important in your life, and there are many tools to help you reach that climax. Women enjoy a lot of foreplay, it's a huge part of a sexual relationship.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Lube — this is always a good idea to have on hand. Spread a little around the labia and vulva to create a slick surface that's great for fingers and toys alike.

Bullet and Clitoral Vibrators — these two offer different types of sensation. The bullet vibrator is all about the buzzing, while some clitoral stimulators use pulsing waves to deliver a sucking or tapping sensation that mimics oral pleasure.

Both types are also good for nipple stimulation which can help intensify the mood.

Best Clitoral Stimulation Toys for Lesbians

Oral sexual pleasure is a must! If you need more, or want the perfect toy to play with during a masturbation session when you're alone, we have a solution for that! These toys are designed specifically for the clitoris and deliver intense orgasms known to cross your eyes and make your legs shake.

Womanizer's Liberty — This is one of our most popular oral sex simulator toys. It has Pleasure Air technology and 6 intensity levels so you can set the pace.

It's also 100% waterproof so you can take it in the shower or tub, alone or with your partner for some added fun in the water!

Clandestine Device's MIMIC Plus — Made of body-safe silicone, this sleek toy fits in the palm of your hand and delivers not 1 or 2, but 8 vibration patterns sure to have you squirming beneath the sheets.

Best Vibrators for Lesbians

Vibrators have long been a popular way for women to orgasm, both with a partner and while masturbating. Modern models have come a long way from the simple bullet design, though they are still very common!

Today's vibrators come with remote controls for partner play, USB-charging capability, and a varying number of vibration settings to suit your mood and sensitivity levels.

Rabbit Vibrators — these are some of our best-selling vibrators, hands down! Not only do they penetrate, but they also tickle the clit at the same time.

This means double the pleasure — even more so if you're one of the lucky ones who climax from intercourse.

Wand Massagers — relatively new to the market, these include the Magic Wand by Hitachi and several others from brands like Better Love, Le Wand and LELO to name a few.

They have large vibrating heads, multiple pleasure settings and they're easy for you and your partner to hold.

Best G-Spot Stimulators for Lesbians

There's nothing quite as intense as a G-Spot orgasm. That's why there are stimulators especially for this! Here are our recommendations for the best G-Spot toy:

YOKI G-Spot Vibrator — if you've never experienced the mind-blowing sensation of an intense orgasm that comes from clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time, don't walk, run to get this toy! It has 10 settings and a curved wand that aims right at the erogenous zones.

The clitoral stimulator works at the same time. You'll never look back.

LELO Soraya 2 — It does more than look pretty, the Soraya 2 drives your pleasure higher than you've ever known. You can use it virtually anywhere as it's whisper-quiet even with 12 intensity settings.

Best Dildos for Lesbians

The humble dildo is what many women turn to for masturbation, especially if they enjoy penetrative sex over clit stimulation. Whether it’s solo play or with a partner, this versatile toy is always a fun time.

There are many types of penetrators on the market and it's such a large selection, it's hard to recommend any specific model. They come with different features. For example, you can buy a smooth dildo or a realistic dildo that has veins and ridges.

Some even have a suction cup for riding doggy style or using it in the bathtub/shower to help achieve deeper penetration and more intense pleasure through internal stimulation.

Double-Ended Dildos

Double-ended styles are great for dual penetration and are lesbian-friendly, which means both of you can have fun at the same time. They come in varying lengths and materials, so you can choose one that suits you both for dual stimulation or self pleasure!

Best Strap-Ons

A strap-on dildo makes it easy for one partner to penetrate the other. They're used with harnesses that put functionality first, so it's important to find a compatible style if you’re looking for strap-on play

If you're looking for a truly ergonomic option, the Revolver II by XR Brands offers a strapless strap-on option that's coveted by women. It has a curved probe, that with the help of your PC muscles, keeps it in place.

Shop our collection of strap-on harnesses and other lesbian toys today!

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