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Best Kegel Beads & Balls

Power up your pelvic floor with our collection of kegel balls and vagina tighteners. Used to train, tone and tantalize your vagina, these body-safe strength balls will get you in the best shape of your life, no matter your age or what lifestyle change you’ve experienced. Made with all bodies in mind, these kegel strengtheners make exercise fun by increasing the level of excitement you feel every time you orgasm.

You can train your body with various bead sizes, shapes and textures to slowly build up the strength of your PC muscle while enjoying the pleasurable sensations they bring about. Slipping in one ball at a time and holding onto its soft rounded shape, you can experience the pleasure aroused from toning your most sensitive area.

Enhance your sensations with vibrating motors and pulsating patterns, easily turning your training into playtime. With synced apps and multiple speeds, there’s a kegel bead style that matches your every desire.

With a few clenches and holds each day, kegel exercises can reduce pain for a more comfortable pregnancy, lessen the tightness and pain from menstrual cramps and even alleviate incontinence for a more controlled bowel release. Inserting these toys vaginally for 20-30 minutes at a time can lead to a tighter and toned vagina as well as send reverberations of excitement throughout your entire body. There are plenty of vagina exercises that can fit your lifestyle, each geared toward restoring your natural tightness.

Made from quality materials and available in a wide array of styles, our assortment of kegel balls are designed to delight and strengthen your pleasure zone.

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