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Items 1-24 of 724

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Adult Toys for Women - The Best & Most Popular For Her

We’ve got the Best Online Selection of Toys for Females.

From the clitoris to the G-spot and beyond, the female body is laden with nerve-rich pleasure centers capable of producing intense – and intensely satisfying – orgasms and intimate experiences.

Capable of experiencing pleasure from that often come in multiple waves, there’s really no limit to what the female body can do with masturbation and hitting the right spots. Why limit your sex life, when you can open your eyes to richer experiences with toys that take you to new heights?

What Are the Different Types of Women’s Sex Toys?

Toys designed for women are designed to help femme folks and their partners explore and amplify the sexual experiences of the female body. Many of these focus on the clitoris (and for good reason), but there are women’s toys that stimulate nearly every other part of the female body as well.


Between 75 and 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Fortunately, there are tons of great toys designed to not just provide vaginal stimulation but to stimulate the clit directly.

Vibrating toys and clitoral stimulators are tremendously popular due to their ability to deliver an intense, mind-blowing orgasm again and again.

From a palm sized vibrator and vibrating wands to toys that stimulate the clitoris without even touching it, there’s an old or new sex toy out there for you, meaning there’s plenty of fun to be had.


Women turn to vibes for a reason. Multiple pulsation and vibration modes mimic oral sex, awashing you in pure pleasure — no partner required.

Internal and external toys provide erotic sensations while different vibration types and patterns let you control the pace. Edge it out or go straight for the finish line — you decide.

From the popular rabbit vibrator with double the pleasure to the wand vibrator which stimulates your clit, and g-spot vibes that give you the best of both options, there's no shortage of choices for your next personal massager.


From dildos to vibrators, there are plenty of outstanding toys – powered and unpowered – that can take you to the furthest reaches of orgasmic ecstasy. With so many options, it’s important to first ask yourself what you’re looking for in the perfect toy before you shop.

Once you’ve narrowed down the features you want — such as external clit or g-spot stimulation — your search should be much easier.


Perfect for more intimate, naughtier play sessions, nipple clamps and toys may not be for everyone, but those who love them really love them. They stimulate the nipples by pinching erogenous zones, causing a mildly painful sensation that rapidly turns to pleasure.

If you’re feeling a bit kinky, nipple toys might be right up your alley.


If you’re into butt play, there are plenty of toys out there to leave you or a partner satisfied. From butt plugs to anal beads, there are multiple ways to make butt play a safe and enjoyable activity, whether you’re going it alone or with a lover.


Kegel beads and balls are excellent tools for training, toning, and tantalizing your vagina. Through Kegel exercises, you can enjoy benefits including:

  • Improved orgasm experience
  • Greater comfort during pregnancy
  • Reduced tightness and pain from menstrual cramps

If this interests you, check out our selection of Kegel toys.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Toy Features?

Most powered women’s toys are loaded with features and technology meant to make your next play session more comfortable, more intense, and more tailored to your personal preferences.

Here are some features to look for and consider when buying your next adult toy:

    USB rechargeable Waterproof Ultra-quiet Multiple intensity levels Multiple rhythm settings Dual stimulation zones Easy to clean Compatibility with your favorite lube Wearable or hands-free Remote control Dual stimulation

Browse our selection of the best sex toys for women

The Best Sex Toys for Women

Our long list of bestsellers means we know what we're talking about. Whether you're looking for solo play or toys to share with your partner or both, you'll want to check out our selection.

Some of our popular brand names include:

  • Dame Products
  • Womanizer
  • Satisfyer
  • Je Joue
  • Lovehoney
  • Lelo
  • We-Vibe

Plus, at Ella Paradis you can narrow the selection by selecting your most-desired features.

Prefer silicone? We've got you covered. Looking for different settings or an ergonomic vibrator or one with bunny ears? Just choose those and watch your options appear before you.

Items worth checking out: The clitoral stimulators from Sona and Lelo Ora. We also have some of the best vibess to heighten your sexual experiences beyond anything you've ever felt before.

What Type of Toy Is Best for Me?

The most pleasurable women’s adult sex toys aren't limited to a single category — it's whatever works best for you.

Do you like anal play or would you prefer a clitoral stimulator? Do you want a realistic-feeling dildo or a vibrator with duo simulation capabilities?

We carry female sex toys to intensify your play sessions and help you reach climax the way you prefer.

If this is your first foray into the world of toys for adults, prepare to be amazed. There's something for everyone and some of our best female toys are aimed at all levels, whether you're first starting out with a vibe, or dipping into the more advanced toys to increase your level of arousal.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Sex Toy

Before you purchase, it's important to know a few things. First and foremost, you want to know how to care for them.

This ensures they last you years and deliver an unlimited number of orgasm experiences.

Cleaning and Storage — Most toys are self-explanatory when it comes to their use, but keeping them clean is of utmost importance.

This prevents contamination or the spread of germs and bacteria. Always clean the toys before and after playing, especially those designed for internal use.

Most times a simple soap and water will do, but some require a specific cleaning formula to keep them in pristine condition. The rule of thumb is if your toy came in specific packaging, it's a good idea to store it in there between uses.

If it didn't come with a box or bag, keep it in a cool and dry place to prevent excessive exposure to moisture, which can damage some.

Proper Use — A good toy comes with detailed instructions for its use, this is especially true of those with many features such as Bluetooth capability and those with multiple options.

Follow the instructions to keep your toys for her in good working order.

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