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  • Lelo - Bruno Prostate Massager

    LELO - BRUNO Artisanal Pleasure for Men - Prostate Massager 

    As the world’s most pleasurable prostate massager, BRUNO™ can enhance the intensity of the male orgasm by up to a third for the most satisfying pleasure he’ll ever experience.


    • Certified Body-Safe - The highest standard of safety and construction
    • 100% Waterproof - Perfect for the bath or shower
    • Fully Rechargeable - More power, less fuss
    • Full Warranty Coverage - 1-year coverage
    • Available in Black and Purple

    Available colors:

  • Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

    LELO - Hugo - Prostate Massager

    Experience the most powerful orgasm known to man with the Lelo Hugo. HUGO™ is a remote-controlled prostate massager that represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure, whether it’s part of coupled or solo play. With two powerful motors in the base and tip, HUGO™ has sleek and smooth form that is perfectly formed for bigger, better and even hands-free orgasms.


    • Body safe
    • Wireless control
    • USB Rechargeable
    • Waterproof
    • Quiet vibrations
    • 2 AA Batteries required (included)



    Available colors:

  • Prostate Massager with Remote control | Revo Stealth

    • 2 speed rotating shaft
    • Remote control
    • Made from high quality silicone
    • Comes with charging pad and USB cable
  • Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

    LOKI Wave is sleekly designed and perfectly shaped to offer both external and internal stimulation from its dual-motors, and is the first prostate vibrator to offer a "come-hither" motion. Fully waterproof and with adjustable power across 10 stimulation modes, LOKI Wave will beckon you to the most intense and memorable orgasms of your life. Color: Black and Federal Blue. From Lelo.

    • Sleek and ergonomic design: perfect shape.
    • Body-safe material and Eco-friendly
    • Easy to use and recharge (USB) 
    • Very powerful - dual-motors
    • Fully Waterproof
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • 2 colors: Federal Blue and Black 
    • Length: 8 inches
    • Insertable Length: 4 inches
    • Circumference: 4.5 inches
    • Base type: Handle

    Available colors:

  • Svakom - Vicky Prostate Massager

    Vicky is a powerful and luxurious prostate massager especially designed for men.The two separate powerful motors provide maximal stimulation both internally and externally.It is made of ultra soft and safe silicone.Vicky's size,shape and performance offer mind-blowing pleasure.It is a perfect prostate and perineum massager.

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price $59.99

  • Tantus Ripple Silicone Plug - Large Black

    The Large Ripple is a unique combination of anal beads and dildo. It fits a harness perfectly for a slow sensual seduction. The beads start at 7/8" diameter and build gradually to 1-1/2", which makes for a tantalizing ride for both vaginal and anal play.

  • Nexus Revo Intense Rotating Prostate Massager - Black

    • Rechargeable
    • Made of high quality silicone
    • 3 different vibration settings
    • Easy cleanup

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $174.99

  • Dr. Joel Kaplan Ultimate Prostate Stimulator - Black

    Dr. Joel Ultimate Prostate Stimulator - Black - 3.5" x 1.25"/9 cm x 3.25 cm.

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $15.99

  • Aneros-Male Prostate G-Spot Stimulator-Eupho Classic-White-Prostate

    Aneros - Male Prostate Male G-Spot Stimulator - Eupho Classic - White - Prostate Stimulator

    The Aneros Eupho G-Spot stimulator is best for experienced users who have mastered their technique. Designed to give you a slow building sensation leading to an explosive realm of pleasure. The delicately shaped Eupho has a small head and stem which combine for explosive pleasure.


    • FDA approved materials
    • Hands free pleasure
    • Body safe
    • Size: 5.5 x 1.5 x 8.5 inches
    • Insertable Length: 4 inches
    • Best for advanced or experienced users
    • Gentle Curves and ergonomic design
    • class="showHiddenFeatureBullets">Subtle, compelling sensations
  • Aneros - MGX Male Prostate Stimulator - White - Prostate Stimulator

    Aneros - MGX Trident Male Prostate Stimulator - White - Prostate Stimulator

    MGX is great for men of all experience levels, and especially good for beginners starting out with prostate stimulation. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms


    • Made in the USA from FDA approved materials
    • Polished to hold lubricant for better movement
    • For beginning and experienced users
    • Sue Johanson's Top 10 Toys of 2004
  • Aneros - Progasm Male Prostate Stimulator - Black Ice - Prostate Stimulator

    Aneros - Progasm Male Prostate Stimulator - Black Ice - Prostate Stimulator

    With the Aneros Progasm Black Ice Prostate Stimulator, a man can achieve strong, continuous full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. These orgasms are so earth-shattering that they deserve a special nickname – The Super Orgasm, or as our enthusiasts prefer, The “Super-O.”


    • Made in the USA from FDA approved materials
    • Medical and food grade plastic
    • Earth friendly
    • Hands-free
    • Size: Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52" Tip Width: 1.25"
    • Insertable Length: 4.5"
    • Black Ice


  • Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager - Black

    Welcome to Nexus Revo 2, the next step in prostate pleasure technology!This innovative rotating and vibrating prostate toy has been created to enable the user to reach new heights of orgasmic bliss through the power of prostate massage. The Revo 2 features a 2 speed rotating shaft to give a deep, thorough massage straight to the prostate whilst you simultaneously enjoy a choice of 2 vibration settins that deliver vibration to the perineum. Enjoy 6 combinations in all! The ultimate in male G- Spot satisfaction, the Nexus Revo 2 will take you to new heights of prostate pleasure. The Revo 2 is fully rechargeable and includes a unique charging pad and universal USB cable which allows the user to charge their Revo 2 from their PC or Mac. REVO 2 is made from silky smooth silicone which is hypo-allergenic and easily cleaned with a plastic base to make it easy to handle. It's water resistant so you can clean it easily, but do not submerge it in water. To be used with water based lubricants only. Color: Black. From Nexus.

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $189.99

Best Male Prostate Toys, Massagers and Vibrators for Men

If you’ve gotten this far on our site, there’s a good chance you’ve either experienced the thrilling novelty of a prostate orgasm or you’re ready to experience one yourself. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, prostate play can be an enormously liberating experience that gives men the opportunity to step outside social limitations that say male pleasure must take place in the penis. Armed with the permission and curiosity to explore the body beyond it, folks with prostates are often shocked to discover a different organ of orgasm they’d previously overlooked.

One way to reach that sort of orgasmic enlightenment is to use a prostate toy. These sex toys for men are generally designed with a curve or bulge for prostate access. And while any anal toy can technically stimulate the prostate, prostate-specific toys help you isolate the sensation of prostate pleasure from the anus and rest of the rectum. Some of the best prostate massagers stimulate this sensitive gland simply by touching or rubbing it, but others use sensations like vibration, rotation or a wave-like “come hither” motion to achieve the same effect.

The LELO Loki Wave Prostate Massager is a prostate vibrator of the latter species. An earthquake-strong dual-stimulating male sex toy designed to pleasure the prostate and perineum simultaneously, its motion mimics the tender caress of a partner’s wandering fingers. Another of LELO’s top-sellers, the Bruno, functions like a mini Loki Wave without a handle or movement. Meant to be comfortably worn during play or life in general, its powerful vibrations and medium size make it a fantastic prostate-pleaser. The Nexus Revo Stealth also has a rotating shaft, but a thinner profile which may appeal more to beginners. The B-Vibe Rimming Plug is another innovative prostate toy that makes use of motion. The first of its kind, the Rimming Plug has rotating beads in its shaft which pleasure the hyper-sensitive anus while sending pulses of eager vibration to the prostate through its tapered tip.

Many prostate stimulators like the Je Joue Nuo and the We-Vibe Ditto also come with WiFi-enabled apps that can control the toy’s vibration levels and patterns from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. These make fantastic couple’s toys, but are also particularly useful for folks who’d rather be doing more interesting things with their hands during play than fiddling with a toy’s controls while it’s inside them.

For variety, there’s the CalExotics His Prostate Training Kit, a trio of prostate-milking items you can mix and match to experiment with what sensation feels best. There’s a vibrator, a butt plug and a set of anal beads for you to enjoy.

Sometimes the best prostate toy is the simplest. The VeDO Cowboy is a more straightforward option. With a slender, lightly curved shaft and fingertip-like head, the Cowboy is great for exploring your prostate. Using the easy-to-hold handle, you can manually maneuver the toy around until it hits the right spots. Rocks Off Rude Boy Intense is another good, uncomplicated prostate massager that doesn’t do much else other than, you know, help you discover parts of yourself you never knew existed. No big deal.

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