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Best Masturbator Toys & Sleeves

Strokers. Masturbation sleeves. Pocket vaginas. Whatever you call them, masturbation toys are some of the most fun, and most versatile male sex toys out there.

Masturbation toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Their stunning biodiversity allows men to flex their preferences to the nth degree –– there’s everything from super-squishy, physiologically correct vulvas to non-phallic strokers that look like IKEA furniture, to anal cavities with customizable suction and vibration levels … and everything in between. No matter what your preferred orifice, texture or level of pressure or sensation is, trust us –– there’s a masturbator for it.

As a category, masturbators can be far more versatile than they seem. While their name implies solo usage, they’re just as fun with a partner, during a handjob or oral sex, or even used in tandem with penetration for more varied and adventurous sensation. Some strokers can even be used by very well-endowed people during penetrative sex to simulate the feeling of being “all the way in.” The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost is a great option that, as well as for all of the activities listed above. With a compact design, a tight hole and opening on either side of the toy, it fits around the penis like a thicker, squishier donut and is exceptionally easy to hold and play with whether you’re alone or with a friend.

Some of the best male masturbation toys are vibrating ones. The Hot Octopuss Pulse III is a vibrating male masturbator shaped like a “C” that fits snugly in the cup of your hand so you don’t have to change a single thing about the way you stroke. The Shots Toys Vibrating Rider is an anatomically accurate sleeve that feels just like the real thing … if the real thing vibrated.

Many other toys make use of pressure control to curl toes. The Satisfyer Men masturbator has an internal pressure regulator so you can control the tightness of the sleeve, and the Tenga Flip Hole has a case that’s both hard and squishy in parts, meaning it’s easy to hold but you can still press down more firmly on it in key areas to control the pressure. Its case also opens in a way that makes it easier to put a flaccid penis inside, which is useful both for mixing up sensation and for folks with erectile dysfunction who find it hard to penetrate some toys.

In the land of more basic options, The Fleshlight Flight Instructor is a smaller, more non-phallic version of the original Fleshlight. A bit easier to hold and with less prominent texture inside, it’s great for folks who want a medium amount of sensation in a lighter toy. However, for those who want to take their game to the next level. Fleshlight also offers their best-selling Stamina Training Unit, a super-textured, highly intense masturbation sleeve that comes in vaginal, anal or oral designs. Because it’s so powerful and lifelike, many men use the S.T.U to train themselves to increase their stamina and endurance during partnered sex.

No matter what you’re into or who you’re with, masturbators make a great addition to your play.

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