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Items 1-24 of 315

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Male Sex Toys for Better Masturbation Pleasure

There's nothing wrong with using Rosey Palmer and her five sisters for masturbation, but it's always more fun when you add toys to your self-play session. Many of these are made with silicone to try and duplicate the feeling of intercourse. While they may not be 100% true to life, they do come pretty close and they feel oh so good. Plus, they can help improve your sex life!

What’s the Difference Between a Masturbation Sleeve and a Pocket Pussy?

They aren't really that different when it comes down to it. They're both male masturbators designed to feel like the real thing with a stretchy interior. A sleeve is more basic and could be used to stimulate what oral sex — aka a blowjob — feels like, where a pocket pussy looks like the actual body part and tends to be smaller.

Our Best-Selling Male Toys

Our best-selling male toys fall into several categories. Let's take a look at some of our customer favorites.

Strokers & Masturbators

Strokers are some of the most popular masturbation toys. If you're looking for a model that does the work for you, you'll want to try out one of our best strokers, like the Tenga spinner stroker. For manual stroking, one of our best masturbation sleeves is the Hawk Dual Masturbator, which has vaginal and anal openings that feel almost like the real thing.

Prostate Toys

The male G-spot is not to be ignored! If you love exploring, you can't forget our list of best toys for prostate play. These include a vibrating prostate massager, the Loki Wave by LELO, and one of our best vibrators for men, the Rimming Plug by B-Vibe. Both of these stimulators are rechargeable, which means you can toss the batteries and enjoy the fun!

One of our best cock rings is also a vibrating cock ring, the We-Vibe Verge. Not only does it stimulate the penis, but also the testicles and perineum.

Dildos, Plugs and Beads

If you're into anal play, definitely explore our other toys including dildos, plugs and beads. Anal plugs and anal beads can give you added pleasure while you're having sex. Vibrating butt plugs are also good for rimming and are one of our most popular anal sex toys for men. If you're looking for more intense penetration, you can also shop our selection of the best dildos for men.

Pumps, Penis Sleeves and Extensions

Not everyone is hung like a porn star, but that doesn't mean you can't add some extra length and girth! Our selection of men's toys also includes enhancers like penis pumps and penis extenders. Don't forget to check out our grooming kits, too, and keep your area nice and manscaped.

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Couples who play together, stay together! Why not bring one of our toys into the bedroom? There are toys to help stimulate your partner's clitoris, or you can opt for a strap-on to enhance the pleasure, whether you're hetero, gay or lesbian. If your woman is hard to please, a G-spot toy will deliver intense pleasure and multiple orgasms like nothing she's ever experienced.

What Male Sex Toy Is the Right One for You?

When it comes to choosing men’s sex toys, it truly is a personal preference. Not every toy brings the same sensation to everyone. For this reason, experimentation is not only suggested, but encouraged. Our suggestion is that you try a few and see what drives your pleasure. Maybe you like the extra pressure a c-ring brings, or maybe you want a male masturbator or stroker to replace your hand, the choice is truly yours.

Tips for Big Pleasure

If you want to increase your pleasure, boy do we have some tips (pun intended) for you to increase your mind blowing pleasure, either through solo sex or couples play.

Use lube — more lubrication is always better. Plus, you run the risk of friction burn (ouch!) without it. Pay attention to the toy's manual before you purchase one to ensure it's compatible. For example, silicone-based lubes often do more harm than good.

Include the testicles — they're not just there for decoration or to get in the way. They have a ton of nerve endings that can increase your pleasure.

Add your partner to the fun — if you're in a relationship, your partner may enjoy the fun, too. Why not make it three's company? You, your partner and the toy.

No matter what type of toy you use, the fun is in finding what drives your pleasure. Pick up one of our men's toys today and start experimenting — you'll be glad you did!
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