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All sex toys can help people get to know themselves and their partners on a more intimate level, but with their groundbreaking technology and anatomically informed design, no brand makes that easier, or more fun, than We-Vibe.

On their own, We-Vibe's toys stand out for their extraordinarily strong, rumbly vibrations and sophisticated silhouettes, but combine them with their cutting-edge We-Connect app, and it's game over. We-Connect lets you activate, program and control We-Vibe's toys from anywhere in the world where there's WiFi, which means couples can be at opposite ends of the earth and still get it on (shout-out to Steve in Antarctica.) Maybe you're a fan of discreet public play, or love the idea of handing your partner the controls in private ‐ either way, the app can help you reach those levels. We-Connect also lets you customize your toy's vibration pattern, putting you squarely at the helm of your own pleasure. (Note: not all We-Vibe's toys are app-compatible, but most are.)

The Unite, and Match are couples' vibrators with U-shaped designs. The smaller end of the U is meant to be inserted into the vagina, while the larger end sits outside, on the vulva, directly on top of the clit for dual internal and external stimulation. If someone with a penis penetrates someone wearing one of these toys, they'll be able to feel the vibration from the internal arm as well. The Sync is app-compatible, but for people trying to cut down on the amounts of motherboards they're using in bed, the Match and the Unite are controllable by short-range remote.

The We-Vibe Touch is a brilliantly soft, ergonomically shaped external vibrator that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Intended to let users switch between broader, kneading sensations and more pointed sensations with the tip, it provides a full-vulva experience for those who love a more encompassing feel. However, it also feels great on the perineum, anus, testicles, and penis.

Strengthen your pelvic floor with the We-Vibe Jive, an egg-shaped vibrator that's designed for hands-free stimulation. Insert it into the vagina and control it using the We-Connect app, or hand over the controls to your partner and let your hands go wherever they please (not recommended for anal stimulation because it does not have a base.)

If you're a fan of strength, the tiny We-Vibe Tango is one of the most intense bullet vibrators humanity has ever known. Small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket, it's highly transportable and makes an awesome accessory for any item you secretly wished could vibrate (grab a rubber band, attach the Tango, and voilà!)

At this point, you must be wondering ‐ but do they make a rabbit? Yes, they do. The We-Vibe Nova Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator is one of our favorite dual-stimulators ever because its clit stimulating arm flexes along with your body's natural movement so you're always in contact. Even if you grind on the toy or thrust it in and out, you won't have to worry about losing your place or readjusting it so it hits right. This also makes it a good fit for different sized bodies ‐ because the clit arm moves with you, you can be any size and still get targeted clit contact.

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