Want to be friends with benefits? 😏

Shop your faves and earn points to use on future purchases!


For every dollar you spend

You'll earn 1 point!

Get $10 OFF!

Once you reach 100 points, you'll unlock $10 to use on your next purchase!

EARN 50 POINTS Just for registering! 😱🤯


50 Points write a review

* You will not earn additional points for multiple reviews on the same product. You must have purchased the item to be eligible to earn points for a review

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn points as a guest?

No you must have an account and be signed in to earn points on purchases.

How long do points last?

Points last 365 days from the day they were originally earned.

Do I keep points for refunded orders?

No when you cancel/refund an order, you lose the points for that order.

How many points do I need I have before I can redeem them?

You must earn a total of 100 points before you can unlock your rewards (AKA spend at least $100 with us).

How many points can I redeem at once?

You can redeem a max of 500 points per transaction (value of $50).

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