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Ella Paradis™ is an authorized seller of Womanizer Adult Sex Toys & Accessories offering Womanizer's innovative technologies such as Pleasure Air™ Technology, AutoPilot™, and Smart Silence™.


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Womanizer™ believes that solo sex is self-love in best practice. Debuting onto the adult sex toy scene in 2014 the Womanzier™ Brand has launched some pretty impressive innovative technologies that set their products apart.

Pleasure Air™ Technology

The revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology features the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure without touching the clitoris. This means that the approximately 8,000 nerve endings of the sensitive clitoris are never over-stimulated. Enjoy a new kind of extraordinary orgasm – even if you’ve never experienced an orgasm before. ​


Close your eyes, lie back, and let Autopilot™ pamper you. ​Autopilot™ guides you through pure pleasure and surprises you with random changes of the intensities without having to adjust the settings manually. It’s time to ditch the boring routine… With no way to predict what comes next, Autopilot only leaves the thrill of anticipation and ecstasy.

Smart Silence™

Switch on your Womanizer™ and listen... silence. A highly responsive sensor ensures that your Womanizer™ is only activated when it meets your skin. Until then, it will be on standby – and it returns to this mode when you put it aside. Nothing, absolutely nothing, distracts you from your desire. Embrace your special moments completely. You deserve it.​

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