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How to use a fleshlight

The Fleshlight has become synonymous with masturbation. The popular sex toy for men, however, can do much more than satisfy sexual urges when you don’t have a partner. In fact, only 2% of Americans say that they masturbate because they can’t find a partner.

With this in mind, it’s time to think about the Fleshlight as more than a toy for masturbation. You can have a great time with it alone, but you can also use it in sexual situations involving two or more people.

It’s important to know the basics of using a Fleshlight by yourself. Learning about the toy will help you get more sexual satisfaction while masturbating. If you want to use the toy with partners, though, you will need to go beyond the basics.

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Getting to Know the Fleshlight

Fleshlights fall into a toy category called “masturbation sleeves.” If you take the toy apart, you will find:

  • A sleeve made of SuperSkin material that feels remarkably similar to real skin.
  • A hard “cup” that holds the SuperSkin sleeve in place.
  • A top that covers the sleeve’s realistic opening (oral, vaginal, and anal designs are available).

Different Designs for the Fleshlight

Fleshlight makes its toy in a variety of styles and shapes. Many of the designs replicate the vaginas of porn stars. You can choose a design based on women like:

Each design looks like the vagina of a specific porn star. The Angela White model, for example, has small, cute labia just like the actress does. The Alexis Texas version has larger labia and prominent clitoris.

All models work extremely well. They feel just like the real thing. The one you choose depends on which adult film actress you prefer.

You can also choose a basic model that has a general design.

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The Fleshjack

Not all of the Fleshlights have vaginal designs. If you want to mimic anal sex, you can get a Fleshjack. The Fleshjack has a smaller entrance that fits more snugly around your penis.

Vibrating Fleshlights

The traditional Fleshlight gives you a realistic sleeve that feels amazingly similar to having sex. You can add a new dimension of sensation with a vibrating model.

Vibrating fleshlights feel terrific even when you sit still. Just sit back and relax while it vibrates around your penis. For more stimulation, move the Fleshlight up and down to simulate vaginal or anal sex.

Using Your Fleshlight for the First Time

The first time that you use your Fleshlight, you should take a basic approach that lets you explore the toy and understand how it fits your body.

Don’t just thrust your penis into the sleeve, though! Much like a partner, you need to get your Fleshlight warmed up and ready.

Warm the Fleshlight

Warming your Fleshlight sleeve makes the material feel more realistic. Take the sleeve out of its container and soak it in warm water for a few minutes.

Whatever you do, don’t put your Fleshlight sleeve in the microwave. You’ll run the risk of making the SuperSkin too hot (ouch!) and you could damage the materiel.

Add Lube

Unlike real vaginas, Fleshlights don’t lubricate themselves. Without plenty of lube, you’ll get chafed (again, ouch!).

The type of lube that you use matters. SuperSkin needs a water-based lubricant. In this case, you shouldn’t use silicone lube. It could damage the SuperSkin over time.

For the best results, put your bottle of lube in warm water with your Fleshlight.

Enjoy Some Alone Time!

The Fleshlight turns fun masturbation into a session of ecstasy. You have a couple of options, though, when enjoying your alone time.

For your first time, you’ll probably want to use a manual technique. Later, try a hands-free method that makes the experience even more realistic.

Manual Stroking

The manual stroking method is pretty basic. You’ve probably been practicing for it since you were a young teenager.

Simply insert your penis in the Fleshlight, grip the toy with your hand, and move the cup up and down to simulate sex.

Although basic, you can get a lot of enjoyment from manual stroking. The technique gives you full control over speed and angle, so you can get exactly what you want from the toy.

Hands-Free Methods

Hands-free methods usually require accessories. We love the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

The shower mount has a strong suction cup that attaches to hard, flat surfaces. As the name says, your shower wall is the perfect spot.

Once you get the suction cup in place, screw the Fleshlight on to the attachment. You can adjust the angle up and down to meet your preference.

Now, you have a hands-free way to use your Fleshlight. A lot of men feel like this approach creates an even more realistic sensation because they get to thrust their hips instead of using their hands to climax.

Clean Up!

The Fleshlight isn’t all fun and games. You have to take care of your toy! Otherwise, it’s going to become… unpleasant.

Don’t assume that you know how to clean your Fleshlight. There’s a list of dos and don’ts.

When cleaning your Fleshlight you should:

  • Remove the sleeve from its container.
  • Rinse the sleeve’s inside with warm water.
  • Let it sit in an open area to dry.
  • Replace the cap to prevent dust from getting into your toy.

Things that you should not do include:

  • Washing the sleeve with soap.
  • Turn the sleeve inside out.
  • Put the sleeve on a hot surface to make it dry faster.

Follow these rules and your Fleshlight will serve you well for years.

Introducing the Fleshlight to Your Friends

Once you’ve learned to enjoy the Fleshlight during solo sessions, you might want to introduce it to your partners.

How does a masturbation sleeve work between couples and groups?

The Fleshlight company has plenty of ideas to get you started. According to Fleshlight, fun ways to use your toy include:

  • Keeping yourself aroused when you’re the temporary odd-man-out in group sex.
  • Using it to masturbate in front of friends for a hefty dose of voyeurism and exhibitionism.
  • Masturbating with the Fleshlight while your partner explores cuckold/cheating fantasies with someone else.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping your partner from using the Fleshlight on you. You probably already get handjobs on occasion. The Fleshlight will make every handjob feel amazing.

No matter what type of sex you want to enjoy, the Fleshlight can play a role.

How to Use a Fleshlight: Benefits of Learning

Learning how to use a Fleshlight makes masturbation and sex more enjoyable. Science gives you another reason to add the Fleshlight to your collection of sex toys: regular masturbation can improve your health!

Use the Fleshlight to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation often happens because you get too excited for the situation. Your partner does something sexy, and you can’t hold back. Suddenly, you’re spent, and the other person is sitting on the bed with a pouting face.

Regular masturbation is one of the most effective ways to prevent premature ejaculation because it trains you to relax when you reach the “point of no return.” Instead of coming, you learn to relax for a few seconds and prevent ejaculation.

The Fleshlight feels like a real vagina, so it should help you learn to control your ejaculations better and sooner.

Regular Masturbation Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer

Never let anyone make you feel bad about masturbating. Masturbating does much more than make you feel good. Studies suggest that frequent ejaculation lowers your risk of getting prostate cancer.

If you want to masturbate more for your health, get a Fleshlight. Improving the sensation will only encourage you to enjoy yourself more.

Other Benefits of Masturbation

Other benefits of masturbation include:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved body image
  • Better muscle strength in your pelvis and anus

Just as importantly, people who use sex toys report more satisfaction in all areas of their sex lives.

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