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The B-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads are a set of three tapered beads on a flexible silicone stem meant to stimulate the ultra-sensitive nerves of the anus with waves and the power of its six vibration levels and 15 patterns.


  • Easy to use handle
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comfortable and body fitting
  • Six vibration levels and 15 patterns
  • Waterproof
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The B-Vibe Triplet is a set of vibrating, remote-controlled anal beads. They’re a beginner-friendly size and shape, and are made from smooth, seamless silicone which makes them exceptionally easy to clean and care for. The base of the toy is ergonomically shaped both as an easy-to-use handle and as a comfortable, body-fitting base that ensures you do not run the risk of an over-insertion.

To use, insert deeper and enjoy the pleasure that comes from stretching and relaxing your anal sphincter. As you insert, the space between each bead allows for a rest that gathers tension to be explored on the next dipping.

With its six vibration levels and 15 patterns, not only do you stand to gain titillating pleasure, you can customize it to your desire and thrill.

What does it feel like?

Like all anal beads, the thrill of Triplet comes from the repeated stretching and relaxing of the anal sphincter as the beads pass through it. Between each bead, your anus gets a little rest, which can help build the tension before push the next one in. This can feel intensely pleasurable; like you’re riding a wave that gets increasingly more powerful each time you reach the crest of one. Going in feels a little different than coming out — experiment with both and find a directional combination that works for you! As you insert it deeper and are able to get more beads inside yourself, you will notice the sensation begin to intensify. Your anus will feel just a tad more full, but not as much as it might with a butt plug or a dildo since the beads are notably more slender. b-Vibe’s powerful vibrations make the already sensitive anus and rectum pulse with pleasure, and you might notice a warm, tingly feeling that spreads to all the erogenous zones in the pelvic floor.

Who is it for?

If you have an anus, the Triplet is for you. Makes a great toy for solo use, but it’s also great for couples of all gender and orientations because of the remote.

How do I use it?

Apply a high-quality water or oil-based lube to all the beads and your bum. Slowly insert the first bead, and let your body relax around it. When you’re ready, repeat the process with the next two beads until the toy is all the way in (or as far in as feels good to you.) Next, slowly remove the beads, one at a time, letting the muscles of your anus expand and relax as each bead passes through. Ready to go again? Push the Triplet and out at a rate that feels nice to your bum. Turn the vibration on using the toy’s remote at any point to enhance sensation.

How do I clean it?

Mild soap and water or a toy cleaner both work great!

What about lube?

Always lube! A good water or oil-based lube is compatible with the Triplet’s silicone material, however, a thicker lube is usually more fun with anal beads because it provides more cushioning and you don’t have to reapply it as often.

How does the Triplet compare to other b-Vibe products

Well, for starters, it’s a bead! In fact, it’s b-Vibe’s only bead, actually, so it gets originality points in terms of its design and the sensation it offers for that. With two motors, it’s a little stronger than the Novice, but not quite as intense as the Trio plug, which has three. It’s rather small and beginner-sized, and is best for anyone looking for that characteristic, in-and-out bead sensation. However, like all of b-Vibe’s vibrating offerings, it comes with a remote control, is waterproof and can be used during play or worn around comfortably as a plug.


  • Size: 4.6” / 11.7 cm x 1.2" / 3 cm
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Material: Silicone
  • Strength: 6/10
  • Power: USB Rechargeable
  • Lube compatibility: Water or oil-based
  • Cleaning and storage: Toy cleaner or mild soap and water
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1-year
  • Relevant tips?: Waterproof
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