"Make the world a better place by delivering pleasure."

About Us

About Ella Paradis

At Ella Paradis we believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy sex life. You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to how to discover and shop for the products you want to use. So, we are on a mission to deliver a great experience overall by making pleasure accessible to everyone with quality products at affordable prices.

Founded in 2015, Ella Paradis leads a pleasure-positive movement by providing access to high-quality intimate products; provides stellar customer service; and leverages cutting edge technology to improve our customers' lives. We are a discreet, online boutique for all things intimate. With a curated selection of thousands of quality products, we have developed a unique shopping experience that allows our customers to shop with pleasure, comfort, and peace of mind.

At Ella Paradis, we strive to empower women and men - increasing confidence and celebrating their bodies as part of a healthy sexual lifestyle. Ella Paradis does not define our customers' intimate lifestyles - they do. We are here to support and guide them on that very personal journey.

Ella Paradis embodies excitement and sexual well-being for women, men, and couples. We empower you with the ability to accept yourself to be truly confident in who you really are. We know that when sexual confidence develops around trust and communication, it leads to more enjoyable and intimate experiences. Ella Paradis goes deeper than mere intimacy with the knowledge and understanding that sexual well-being impacts your everyday life and your health.

Ella Paradis is here to ensure you live your best life by enhancing your personal intimacy and pleasure.

What is the story behind our name Ella Paradis? In 2016, Ella was the most popular name for girls. Paradis is a homage to the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

About Us

Our Culture

Everything we do, say, or undertake is embodied by our culture of CHEER.

CHEER Stands for:

Care - We strive to empathize with everyone and do our best to always see others’ points-of-view.

Help - We go out of our way to assist others. We are here to serve Our Customers, Co-Workers, and Community.

Edu-tain - We Educate and Entertain everyone we meet via CHEER! No Lectures, no shaming, and no judgement.

Empower - We empower those around us by removing stigmas and judgements so others may live their best intimate lives.

Respectfully Resolve - We will provide solutions, and not create additional problems or obstacles. We will do this with the utmost courtesy and respect.

About Us

Our Founders

Our founders are driven to create a safe platform where women, men, and couples can easily discover and procure only the best products designed to improve relationships. Shaped by a philosophy that those who lead a healthy, sexually fulfilled lifestyle are happier and more content, Ella Paradis was founded with the mission of making the world a better place.

Tino Dietrich, an entrepreneur, successful investor, and branding expert, CEO

Andreas Bergmann, leader in operations and scaling startups, CFO

Joshua Hancik, leader in technology, eCommerce, and digital marketing, CTO

Today Tino, Andreas, and Joshua lead a talented and enthusiastic team of professionals dedicated to achieving our corporate mission. Ella Paradis has delivered pleasure to over 1 million customers and is the leading authority in pleasure-positive education, empowerment, and intimate lifestyle products.

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  • About Us

Our Warehouses

We operate multiple warehouses strategically located throughout the United States. Our distributed infrastructure ensures that our customers receive their orders in the shortest amount of time and at a tremendous value. Our packages are always shipped plainly with neutral shipping labels and addresses from the following locations:

  • Miami, FL

  • Ogden, UT

  • Broomfield, CO

  • Chatsworth, CA

  • Phoenix, AZ

Contact Information

We love hearing from you, and encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

Drop us a line at wecare@ellaparadis.com. We will always get back to you!

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