About Ella Paradis

Ella Paradis comes from the sun-bleached shores of Miami Beach... known throughout the world as "America's Riviera"... where the bronzed and beautiful work, play and let loose... where tropical palms sway over a seductive, multicultural world of art, fashion and sexual energy.

Ella Paradis embodies excitement and sexual well-being for women and men and the ability to accept your physicality and feel confident in who you really are. We know whenever sexual confidence develops around trust and communication, it leads to enjoyable and intimate experiences. Ella Paradis strives to go beyond mere intimacy with the knowledge and understanding that sexual well-being impacts your everyday life and your health.

The Ella Paradis woman possesses style, sophistication and sex appeal while maintaining a strong sense of self. The Ella Paradis guy is not afraid to take chances and is always open to trying something new.

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