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Travel & Finger Vibrators
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Best Travel & Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are small, typically external vibrators that attach directly to your fingers so you can use them as tiny, vibrating extensions of yourself. Aside from the merciful convenience of not having to hold something, one of the most exciting benefits of finger vibes is that they give you just as much control over pressure and stroke type as you already have in your own hand. The dexterity and precision you get — plus the added benefit of being able to feel your partner’s reaction in your fingertips — makes these teensy massagers far more versatile and personal-feeling than their diminutive size gives off. Oh, and did we mention they make a seamless and intuitive addition to hand jobs, oral sex or any sort of partnered sex where a little vibration might heighten the mood?

Basically, anything your finger can do, a finger vibe on your finger can do better.

One of the best finger vibes we’ve tried is the Key by Jopen Pyxis Finger Massager. This discreet, ring-shaped massager slides easily onto your favorite finger and lets you take it from there with 5 intense levels of vibration that are way stronger than they should be for something so small. With an ambidextrous design, you can use it on either hand, and on either side of the toy for maximum versatility and ease. Legend has it that some folks get a few and put them on multiple fingers to give a whole new meaning to “jazz hands.” Works just great as an internal toy for the vagina, but is far too small and easy to lose for anal play.

Another of our favorites is the Dame Fin Finger Vibe. This micro-massager slides onto your index and middle fingers, and has a bit more surface area and plushness to it than some of its contemporaries. With three vibration levels, it’s a mellower introduction into the world of finger vibes that’s perfect for beginners or folks who love a lighter touch.

Rounding out our parade of finger friends is the 50 Shades of Grey Secret Touching Finger Massager, a one-finger, bullet-shaped toy with some bumpy texture for added sensation. This one’s got just a single setting, but it’s a nice, throbbing one that lets you explore you or your partner’s body with nimble aplomb.

Recommended to anyone who likes what their hands do already, finger vibrators make equally excellent solo or couple’s toys for almost any sort of play.

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