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Clitoral Stimulator by Lora DiCarlo

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Premium robot clitoral massager, the mind-blowing feel of a mouth, anytime you want it. Baci delivers two types of clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Clever, patent-pending micro robotics create the sensation of lips and tongue stroking and sucking, while a unique full-coverage design and smooth ridges provide rhythmic thrumming everywhere you need it.



  • Robotic Clitoral Massager
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Dual Stimulation
Special Price $159.99 Regular Price $184.99 You save $25.00 (14%)!

The pressure builds gradually towards an epic orgasmic release like nothing you’ve felt before, The clitoral mouth uses airflow technology to mimic the feeling of a human mouth and tongue lightly sucking and stroking over the glans clitoris, mimicking the focused attention of a talented partner. At the same time, the smooth ridges of the clitoral stimulator rest within the outer labia and provide rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris - above and below the surface.

We recommend cleaning your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.


  • Design in USA
  • Waterproof
  • USB Magnetic
93% of 100
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