Clitoral Vibrators & Clit Stimulators

Our clitoral vibrators and clit stimulators come in a selection with a wide variety of shapes, colors and orgasmic features. With so many options, a good way to pick out your next clit toy is to decide what your preferred method of clit stimulation is, whether it be vibrating, massaging or sucking -- all clits are unique!

Clitoral Vibrators & Clit Stimulators

Our clitoral vibrators and clit stimulators come in a selection with a wide variety of shapes, colors and orgasmic features. With so many options, a good way to pick out your next clit toy is to decide what your preferred method of clit stimulation is, whether it be vibrating, massaging or sucking -- all clits are unique!


Clit Vibrators

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  • Vibrator


    By We-Vibe

    We-Vibe - Touch - Purple - Massager

    Touch by We-Vibe packs the power to deliver 8 vibration modes with a deeply satisfying rumble. And it’s 100% waterproof, so you just might find yourself spending a little more time enjoying the shower. Enjoy sensual softness whenever you want.


    • Ergonomic wave shape 
    • 8 different vibration modes 
    • Highest discretion: Stronger & quieter
    • 100% waterproof 
    • Body safe: 100% lead-free, phthalate-free medical grade silicone and made from hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone 
    • Eco-friendly: rechargeable batteries that last up to 2 hours of fun and pleasure
    • Silky-soft, medical-grade silicone
    • Powerful, quiet vibrations
    • Easy soap-and-water cleanup

    Click to download the We-Vibe Touch User Manual

    Was: $124.00

    Now: $109.00

  • Clitoral Stimulator

    Pro Penguin Next Generation

    By Satisfyer

    The Satisfyer Pro Penguin clitoral stimulator is cute, petite, and strong. Rumor on the street is that it can make you orgasm in 60 seconds flat.


    Was: $59.00

    Now: $49.99

  • Clitoral Stimulator

    Ora 2 - Oral Sex

    By Lelo

    LELO - ORA 2 - Oral Sex Simulator

    ORA™ 2 is the world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator, offering a thrilling, teasing, better-than-real sensation of oral sex that will have you coming back for more each and every time.


    • 10 Pleasure Settings 
    • 100% Waterproof 
    • Fully Rechargeable
    • Award-Winning Design 
    • Body-safe Silicone

    Was: $259.00

    Now: $229.00


    Available colors:

  • Finger Vibrator

    Ruby Finger Vibe - Pink

    By Better Love

    One aspect of the body that gives you more pleasure than many are willing to accord it with is your finger. Made of jelly rubber, this powerful finger toy is crafted for pin-point stimulation. You can do this yourself but it holds more power in the finger of your lover. Grab yours now.


    • Powerful mini-vibe
    • Stretchable to fit all fingers
    • Button cell batteries
    • Packs over 30 minutes of vibration
    • Body-safe 

    Was: $15.00

    Now: $9.99

  • Massager

    Rechargeable Vibrating White

    By Le Wand

    Discover the magic wand for pleasure

    For great sexual time, you don’t need a magic wand; what you need is Le Wand which actually does magic on your body. With up to 20 vibration patterns, your pleasure is in safe hands with the convenience and versatility of this rechargeable wand.

    Join the magic team, get Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager today.


    • Easy to clean with antibacterial soap
    • USB-rechargeable
    • Travel pouch for easy traveling
    • 100% waterproof
    • 10 powerful speeds + 20 vibration patterns

    Was: $190.00

    Now: $170.00


  • C-Ring

    Mio USB Rechargeable

    By Je Joue

    Super smooth and soft, Mio is easy to put on - so it doesn't interrupt your pleasure. Once the penis is hard, simply add a dash of water-based lube and slide it down to the base, making sure the vibrating section is positioned upwards. Now that you're comfortable with Mio, turn it on and experiment with its 5 vibration levels and patterns to discover your couple's favorite - and pursue that simultaneous orgasm!


    • Covered in soft 100% FDA-approved body-safe silicone
    • 100% waterproof
    • Fully rechargeable via unique magnetic clip
    • Can be adjusted from a nice low rumble to a strong intense finish
    • Five quiet vibration patterns
    • Two hour charge equals two hours of pleasure
    • Inner diameter of ring is 1 1/4"
    • 3" x 2" ring stretches to about 4 ½”

    Was: $129.00

    Now: $109.00


    Available colors:

  • C-Ring

    The Usual Suspects Iconic Ring

    By Jimmyjane

    The usual suspect for your deepest pleasure

    For long, vibrators have been monopolized by women. This cock ring is Jimmyjane’s way of bringing equality in the bedroom. This couples' favorite makes it easy to share sensation and holds the merit of being one of the few vibrating rings on the market to feature replaceable batteries. With a no-nonsense design, Jimmyjane's Iconic Ring is made for both first-timers and veteran users. 


    • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free
    • Hygienic, latex-free elastomer
    • External Use - The vibrator stimulates the clitoris and penis during sex
    • Water-Resistant (shower-friendly)
    • Travel-Friendly (Compact and good to go)
    • Dual Vibration Modes (Choose pressure-activated or constant vibration)
    • Dimensions: 1.5"" x 1.5"
    • Batteries Included, 1 Year Limited Warranty

    Was: $49.00

    Now: $34.00

  • Clitoral Stimulator

    Nea 2

    By Lelo

    LELO - Nea 2 - Clitoral Stimulator Now featuring twice the power of the original and a redesigned floral motif, NEA™ 2 encompasses pleasure for all your senses. This love toy combines beauty and sensation, pleasure and power - ready to let you explore new heights of sensual sensations.

    The NEA 2 is 100% waterproof, easy to recharge, beautifully designed, comes in 3 different colors: Midnight Blue, Deep Rose, and Obsidian Black. 

    Explore pleasure like you have never before with this beauty in the palm of your hand. Only the best and body-safe materials have been used by world-known adult toy manufacturer LELO to let you fall in love again with one of the leading pleasure toy brands in the world. The NEA 2 now features twice the power of the original and a redesigned floral motif. The new NEA™ 2 encompasses pleasure for all your senses.


    • Beautifully design: compact, body-hugging form.
    • Body-safe material and Eco-friendly
    • Easy to use and charge 
    • Powerful Motors - 2x the original NEA
    • 100% Waterproof
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • 3 colors: Midnight Blue, Deep Rose, and Obsidian Black

    Was: $114.00

    Now: $99.00


    Available colors:

Clitoral Vibrators & Clit Stimulators

Did you know the clitoris is the only organ in the human body whose sole function is pleasure? With more nerve endings packed into its tiny frame than any other corner of the human anatomy, the clit is remarkably sensitive and designed by nature to be rubbed, sucked, massaged, vibrated and pleasured in whatever way feels best. No wonder roughly 75 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm!

Thankfully, there’s more than one way to stimulate a clit. Perennial favorites are clitoral vibrators and clit stimulators, types of toys that do a particularly good job of coaxing the 8,000 nerve endings within the clitoris to climax.

With our selection of clitoral vibrators and stimulators coming in various shapes and equipped with different stimulating features, you are sure to find the best clit toy to take your orgasm to new heights.

Bullet-shaped and egg-shaped clit vibrators allow for intense orgasms through full-coverage clitoral stimulation. With thousands of nerve endings packed into one small organ, imagine the pleasure of stimulating each one of them simultaneously with a light to intense vibration… because it’s possible with the right clit vibrator.

Commonly desired as a discreet accessory, we provide clit-stimulating sex toys such as vibrating necklaces and vibrating lipsticks for the discreet pleasure of clit stimulation anywhere you go. In public and private, for looks and pleasure.

Looking to diversify the sensation and experience the world beyond vibration? We introduce you to clit stimulators. These either combine vibration with a different sensation or do away with vibration altogether in favor of things like suction, pulsation and sonic-wave massage. However, they’re also handy for folks experiencing the temporary desensitization that vibrating toys can sometimes bring.

We always recommend trying whatever you’re comfortable with, so we encourage you to experiment with shapes, colors and features to find the perfect clitoral vibrators and stimulators for you.

After you’ve chosen your clit toy, make sure to pick up a bottle of lubricant to keep the fun silky-smooth and long-lasting.

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