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Best Wand Vibrators and Massagers

Renowned for their ability to spawn an almost instantaneous orgasm that seems to have been brought on through the sheer power of magic, it’s no wonder that this class of toys is referred to as “wand vibrators.”

Wand vibrators — or wand massagers, as they’re sometimes called — are a species of toy that uses intense vibration to relax and stimulate any external part of the body. Because they’re intended for all-over massage, wand vibrators are characterized by their long handles folks can use to access hard-to-reach spots like the shoulders or the lower back, however, as you may have noticed, most people just use them on their clits.

One particularly classic clit wand is the Vibratex Magic Wand Original. The wand that started it all, the Magic Wand has been canonized over the decades as one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved clitoral vibrators on account of its eye-popping strong vibrations. This old-school thing plugs directly into the wall — it uses that much power — and comes with two settings: strong and stronger. Moving forward into the future, the LELO Smart Wand is a sleek, modern earthquake-level vibrator that rumbles with 8 shockingly concentrated intensity levels moderated by LELO’s intelligent SenseTouch technology. This innovation allows the toy’s tremors to build on skin contact, closely mimicking the technique of a real-life massage.

The Vive Enoki Wand Massager has a much larger, rounder and more cushion-y head than other wands which ups the surface area on which you can dole out waves of formidable vibration. With 10 settings and a “climax function” that kicks your play into turbo, the Enoki is a lovely option for the aesthetically-minded control-lover in your life (or mirror.)

Should you want to insert such powerful vibration inside you, the Jopen Callie Wand and the FemmeFunn Diamond Wand both gladly fill that order. Designed to be used internally, externally or wherever the hell else you feel like it, these versatile wands each have a potent rumble and enough settings to satisfy even the pickiest strength queen.

However, should you see a wand that isn’t designed for penetration, rest easy. Many wands — including the Magic Wand — come with attachments you can buy separately to turn them into penetrating toys or external stimulators with more textural diversity than their broad, round heads. High five!

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