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    Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing

    By Pipedream

    Fetish Fantasy Series - Black - Sex Swing

    Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted! Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined - and reap the benefits and pleasure they arouse.

    List Price: $180.00
  • Furniture

    Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Door Swing

    • Turns any door into an erotic bondage playground
    • Easy setup
    • No need for modification or fancy hardware
    • Adjusts to fit most sizes
    List Price: $58.99
  • Furniture

    Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

    By Sportsheets

    Sling your body in a rhythm of passion

    Imagination is the fuel on which sex is run. Ever imagined some sex angle or positions that are not compatible with your weight, height or strength? Sportsheets breaths life to your imagination by offering you the Door Jam Sex Sling. Secured over a solid door, this tool gives your hip and ankles a position that makes your G-spot the perfect target for steamy pounding.


    • Helps angle hips to target your G-spot during sex
    • Padded seat pivots for access at any angle
    • Foot support straps and hand grips
    • Made of 100% nylon and polyester for durable usage
    • Easily adjustable footrest, seat and height
    • Compatible with any strong door
    • Seat area wide enough for a pillow
    List Price: $74.00
  • Furniture

    Sportsheets Sex Sling - Black

    By Sportsheets

    Sling into action! Keeping couples connected, Sportsheets Sex Sling is the perfect accessory for you & your partner. Soft, comfort neck rest and fully adjustable straps allow you to get a leg up on your sex life. The support reduces leg fatigue and lower back pressure while the angle created enhances G-spot stimulation during penetration. Go ahead, buy now and start making better love today!

    • Allows for better penetration with missionary, oral, and anal
    • Neoprene, polypropylene, plastic and velcro
    • Try new positions with ease
    List Price: $46.00
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