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  • KingCock - 8" Vibrating Dildo with Balls - Nude

    Our new KingCock vibrating dildo with balls is the most realistic American-made, 8" vibrating dildo in the world! Every vein, every shaft and every head is handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail to give you the most lifelike experience imagined. The posable shaft allows you to bend the toy to conform to your body's contours, while the powerful motor whisks you away. The super-strong removable suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface and makes all KingCock Vibes harness-compatible. You can even take this waterproof toy into the shower, hot tub or spa and turn bath time into playtime!


    • Realistic, American-made vibrator
    • Measures 6" in length
    • Exquisite detail for a lifelike experience
    • Posable shaft to comform to your body
    • Powerful motor and super-strong removable suction cup
    • 100% Waterproof
  • KingCock - 6" Suction Cup Dildo

    This dildo by KingCock measures 6" in length and 1.6" in girth. Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with exquisite detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. The powerful suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface and is compatible with every dildo harness. Every KingCock is made of phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic materials. Best of all, KingCock is proudly made in the USA so you can enjoy every masterpiece with confidence.


    • Great for both beginners and pros
    • Measures 6" in length and 1.6" in girth
    • Powerful suction cup base
    • Made of phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic materials.
    • Made in the USA

    Available colors:

  • 6.25" Suction Cup Dildo by B Yours

    This dildo is the perfect size! Just right in every way, it measures 7.75" long (6.25" insertable) with a satisfying girth of 1.75". This toy sticks to any smooth surface with its sturdy suction sup for a hands-free ride. The detailed design include sculpted veins, balls, and texture of the real thing. Sweet 'n Hard dildos are made of soft PVC which is body-safe and phthalate-free. Clean up is easy, too. Simply wash with soap and water or toy cleaner, then let air dry before storing.


    • 7.75" long (6.25" insertable) and girth of 1.75"
    • Sticks to any smooth surface
    • Sturdy suction cup
    • Made of soft PVC, body-safe, and phthalate-free
    • Easy to clean

    Available colors:

  • 7" Suction Cup Dildo by B Yours

    Sweet 'n Hard is perfectly sized for beginners. This 7" dildo is sculpted with every detail- veins, realistic skin texture, and balls- for your pleasure. It has a sturdy suction cup base that holds firmly to any smooth surface, so you can have fun in the shower or wherever you can imagine. The suction sup also makes this dong harness compatible for enjoying with a partner. This sweet dong has the perfect length and girth to satisfy and is made of soft, phthalate free PVC. He's ready to indulge you in any fantasy. To clean, wash with soap and water or a toy cleaner then let air-dry.


    • Perfect for beginners
    • Scuplted to look and feel realistic
    • Sturdy Suction Cup Base
    • Soft, phthalate free PVC
    • Measurements: 7" (5.5" insertable) long and 1.5" wide

    Available colors:

Best Suction Cup, Wall & Hands Free Dildos

Taking a spin off the traditional manually held dildo, suction cup dildos provide a hands-free experience that can pump up your pleasure and simulate real-life intercourse. Whether your partner is out of town or you’re simply in the mood for some real-life action, our collection of pliable, realistic and body-safe sex toys are an excellent option to keep your juices flowing.

With firm suction cup bases and lifelike bendable shafts, you can mount the toy from any angle or any surface, recreating the sensations you feel in your favorite positions. Suctioned to a chair, a wall or even the bathroom tile, take these dildos above and below water for an exhilarating ride that will stimulate all of your senses. Used to recreate the feeling of realistic sex during masturbation, hands-free dildos can also be used with your partner present. Tease and tantalize your audience by riding the toy while they watch as your enjoyment levels escalate. You can even share the sensations by treating your lover to a bit of penetration, stimulating erogenous zones like the prostate.

The hands-free ride opens up the door for versatility, allowing you to hold onto an additional toy to double up the pleasure. Incorporate another buzzy device to arouse the clitoris while you ride the wall dildo, elevating your bliss and reaching your climax with ease.

These realistic suction cup dildos come in a variety of sizes, girths, and colors to fit your unique style and comfort. No matter which toy suits you best, the suction will work in your favor, complimenting the natural, fluid movements of your body while also providing a lifelike internal feel. Enjoy sexual intercourse whenever the mood strikes with a suction cup stud always within arms reach.

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