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If you love your partner and want to always have a “piece” of him, then you gotta try the Clone-A-Willy Kit. It's an at home dildo kit that lets you make a body safe silicone vibrator of your man’s favorite member. Yes, you read that right you can literally make a replica your favorite ding a ling! This is one of those DIY projects that you’ll be happy you tried, plus it's a fun intimate way to get closer with your partner.


  • 100% Platinum Cure Medical Grade Silicone
  • Algae Based Molding Powder
  • Realistic Shape and Detail
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The Clone-A-Willy kit comes with everything you need to DIY your one-of-a-kind toy that captures incredible lifelike details, making it the most personalized sex toy on the planet. This DIY kit includes a balsa wood stick for stirring, silicone mold powder, a molding tube, and a vibrator! The process is actually pretty easy. Here's how it works. First you gotta make sure your willy is nice and hard.Then, measure the length of the erect penis against the plastic tube. Cut off any excess on the tube and tape the raw edges. Mix your molding powder with water in a mixing bowl for 60 seconds. Note it's totally fine for the mixture to be lumpy. Pour the mixture in - we recommend using a funnel for this part to avoid an unnecessary mess. Once it’s filled, insert the penis, and hold it for about two minutes. After it hardens, remove the penis, and let the mold air dry for a minimum of two hours. When the mixture has hardened, mix the two remaining silicone jars into a clean disposable plastic cup, and stir to create the molding gel. Pour the mixture in, leaving an inch at the top. Then, insert the vibrator. Let the whole thing sit for 24 hours before removing, and voila, you’ve got your own DIY dildo. Not only that, but your penis casting will be a complete replica of your own - you’ve cloned your willy!

With multiple different kits available, you can choose a color or skin tone you prefer ranging from a light skin tone to darker or even sexy colors like neon purple or jet black!. We recommend cleaning your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.


  • Phthalate Free
  • Latex Free
  • Molding Tube (2.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall)
  • Single-Speed Vibrator
  • Vibrator Powered By AA Batteries
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • If Your Penis is 9” or Larger, You Will Need to Use an XL Vibrator and May Need Extra Silicone
  • Available In a Variety of Colors
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