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Glass slippers may need to be handled with care, but not glass dildos! Formulated from highly-durable and body-safe quality materials, our collection of tempered glass dildos are thoroughly reinforced and beautiful to look at. Each toy is built to provide hours of deep penetration and exhilarating sensations that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Shatterproof and able to withstand temperature changes, these accessories can be heated or cooled for a varied experience that arouses the skin in undeniably sexy ways. Play around with hot and cold changes on erogenous zones like the nipples and penis for an ultra-sensitive and sensual affair. Add any of these beautifully designed works of art to your sex toy mix to wow and excite you or your partner.

Beyond the simple, straight and narrow shape, glass massagers come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that can bring your sex toy adventure to the next level. Twisted and nubbed with keen sensors, a glass massager will tantalize your erogenous zones with ease by inserting the realistic bulbed head either vaginally or anally. Depending on the sensations you’re in the mood for, some of these dildos are designed with ribbed and twirled spirals around the shaft to target and excite key sensitive areas.

Reinforced for strength and built to excite, these colorful, hand-blown accessories can also be slightly curved in form, sensually targeting hard to reach spots like the G-spot. 

One of the easiest materials to clean and sanitize, these environmentally friendly glass sex toys can be boiled for a few minutes to remove any residue that’s been left behind. Their simple nature, beautiful look and the amazing pleasure they induce are all incredible reasons to browse our collection and experience the luxurious satisfaction first-hand! To keep the exhilarating fun going for hours, couple your toy with a sensual bottle of lubricant

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