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  • Bathmate - Hydromax HydroXtreme5 X30 Hydropump - Clear - Penis Pump

    Bathmate - Hydromax HydroXtreme5 X30 Hydropump - Clear - Penis Pump

    The Bathmate Hydromax HydroXtreme5 X30 hydropump (penis enlargement pump) is the ultimate in hydropump-technology for penis development and health. It does what the original Bathmate Hercules does and more. The Bathmate Hydromax generates 35% more suction than the original Bathmate thanks to its unique, newly designed pump system, which provides you with better, faster gains. The pump system now incorporates a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring that reduces pressure when in use and gives you greater comfort around the penis base and testicle region. The comfort pad is also fully removable for easy cleaning.


    • Instant visible results
    • Gain 1-3 inches of length
    • Increases penis thickness (girth)
    • Increases sexual stamina
    • Intensifies your orgasms
    • Ends premature ejaculation
    • Helps with erectile dysfunction
    • 250% more efficient than air pump
  • Bathmate - Xtreme X50 Hydropump - Clear - Penis Pump

    Bathmate - Xtreme X50 Hydropump - Clear - Penis Pump

    The Bathmate Xtreme X50 is Made to the specification of those lucky well endowed men that want to maintain their penile health and gain maximum results. This is the biggest penis pump on the market, a whole 30% bigger than the Bathmate Hercules. The Xtreme X50 was manufactured for two reasons; first being that our Bathmate Hercules customers demanded a larger version and second that the big companies in the adult industry needed a product they could give to their 'biggest' actors. So the Xtreme X50 was born! Users have reported gains of up to 3-4 inches with the Bathmate Xtreme X50 Hydropump. We are very proud to bring Bathmate's biggest penis enlargement pump to you. Measuring in at 12 inches long internally, this behemoth is truly for men that are already thick and long and want to be even bigger and healthier. If your penis is already over 6 inches in girth and longer than 8 inches in length and you are looking for a penis pump, then the Bathmate Xtreme X50 is for you.

    Each Bathmate Xtreme X50 X50 Includes:

    • Free Xtreme X50 Storage Case
    • Free Bathmate Xtreme X50 Shower Strap
    • Free Growth Gauge to Measure Size
    The Bathmate Xtreme X50 is 30% larger than the Bathmate Hercules & Hydromax X30.
    Specifications (allowing for penis size gains) when fully compressed:
    • Maximum penis diameter 2.59 inches
    • Maximum penis length 9.84 inches

    Made from high quality Polycarbonate, skin safe rubber and stainless steel materials. Maximum penis girth: 8inch / 204mm. Maximum penis width: 2.56inch / 65mm. Maximum penis length: 10.24inch / 260mm. Max vacuum air: -0.17 bar. Max vacuum water: -0.40 bar.


Best Sex Toys For Men

There’s a huge misconception in our culture that sex toys – particularly vibrators – are a woman’s game. But, seeing as you’ve found your way to this particular corner of the internet, we both know that’s not the case.

In recent years, there’s been an explosive amount of innovation in the world of male sex toys. As more brands get wise to the growing demand, high-quality, thoughtfully designed products to pleasure penis and prostate alike are cropping up everywhere from online stores to brick-and-mortar sex shops whose stock of strokers flies off the shelves just as fast as their clit vibes. Today, there’s everything from super-comfortable anal plugs, to erection-enhancing cock rings, to masturbators like the world-famous Fleshlight to enhance male pleasure, all of which are helping men expand and explore their sexualities in ways they haven’t been able to before.

Hell, some of the best sex toys for men even vibrate.

In fact, some of today’s hottest and best-selling sex toys for men are vibrators. The Hot Octopuss III Duo is one of the more popular ones. A c-shaped vibrating stroker that can be used to masturbate the penis during solo or partnered play, its easily handheld design makes a killer addition to a blow job, hand job or … any sort of job, really. Meanwhile, LELO offers the Hugo for prostate massage; a super-strong, rumbly, mid-sized anal vibe, it has a curved shaft that encases the prostate in waves of quaking pleasure. LELO’s Loki Wave Prostate Massager is a particularly innovative option – this dual-stimulator for men is able to pleasure the perineum and the prostate simultaneously with its combination of deep internal and external vibration. Oh, and did we mention it moves? The internal arm of the Loki Wave undulates in a “come hither” motion, mimicking the famously orgasmic movement of a partner’s fingers massaging the prostate.

In the realm of cock rings, The We-Vibe Verge C Ring is a tremor-strong, app-controllable cock ring that can either be turned around behind the testicles for perineum pleasure or flipped upright so that it creates a vibrating platform for a partner of any gender to grind on. Of course, we carry many cock rings, prostate massagers and strokers that don’t vibrate, too.

One of our favorites – scratch that – everyone’s favorites is the infamous Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. This hefty male masturbation sleeve is made from insanely soft and plush SuperSkin and its canal is textured to the nines with thrilling bumps and grooves meant to mimic the inside of a mouth, vagina or rectum (depending on which model you prefer.) It’s said that if you can use the Stamina Training Unit without ejaculating too quickly, you can train yourself to last longer during partnered sex. You’ll be the judge of that, we’re sure.

With all these fun, creative and effective male toys, it’s clear that sex toys aren’t just for women; they’re for everyone. Using them alone or with a partner just makes something that was already fun well, more fun.

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