Enhancing Lubes for Couples

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  • Personal Lubricant

    Water Based - 3.4 oz.

    By We-Vibe

    We-Vibe Lube by Pjur (3.4 oz) - Water Based Lubricant

    We all know "wetter is better", and this high-quality, light, and long-lasting formula by Pjur allows you to add that smooth and wonderful sensation, making your love life better and more enjoyable.


    • Long lasting water-based lubricant for enhancing all intimate play
    • Compatible with all sex toys
    • Can be used on the inside and outside of condoms
    • Light but long-lasting for fewer applications 
    • Simple pump bottle with travel lock for clean, controlled dispensing and no spills
    • Enhances the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity
    • Provides additional activity and long-lasting lubrication
    • Made in Germany

    Was: $29.00

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Personal Moisturizer - 2.5 oz.

    By Lelo

    Premium water-based moisturizer from LELO is unscented and perfect for sensual use with a partner or individually. 

    • Fortified with Aloe Vera
    • Long-lasting
    • Body safe
    • Free of glycerin, parabens, and fragrances





    Was: $29.00

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Silk Hybrid Lube Glycerine & Paraben Free

    By Sliquid

    A water-based lube that contains a rich blended mix of high grade silicone and creamy emollient esters.

    • Water and silicone blend
    • Glycerin free and paraben free
    • Long lasting, easy to clean
    • Vegan friendly

    Was: $23.99

    Now: $13.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Med Natural Glide Water Based - 3.4 oz.

    By Pjur

    Equipped for long-lasting pleasure

    Pjur Med Natural Glide Lube is the natural, nature-based and water-based lubricant specifically made for dry skin. It protects your skin, soothes it and enables you to have long-lasting lubrication as you have fun with your lover or in the ecstasy of your solo love making.


    • 100% vegan and nature-sourced
    • Long lasting
    • Condon safe
    • Body safe for daily use
    • Oil and fat-free
    • Perfect for dry and sensitive skin

    Was: $26.99

    Now: $16.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Med Repair Glide Water Based - 3.4 oz.

    By Pjur

    Pjur Med Repair Glide - 100ml Bottle

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Elite Hybrid - 3 oz.

    By Wet

    Join the elite club of hybrid lube players

    Wet Elite Hybrid combines the best qualities of water and silicone to prepare you for the feeling of long-lasting intercourse. This lube is lightweight, comfortable and seamlessly keeps its promise of giving you maximum pleasure.


    • Silky and Long-Lasting 
    • Water-Based and Silicone Hybrid
    • Crystal Clear and Unscented
    • 3oz Bottle
    • Lightweight and comfortable feel

    Was: $9.99

    Now: $4.99

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