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Vibrating Remote Toys - What Is a Remote Control Vibrator?

Remote control vibrators make using toys during couples play an absolute breeze!

It's easy to place the toy in the desired area and control it when you need to without disrupting the heat of the moment.

If you're right about to orgasm and it's not really the most opportune time to turn up the intensity of your toy, imagine adding a remote in the mix — that definitely changes things!

Not only that, but with vibrating remote control sex toys, you can relinquish control to your partner to experience a surprise every time.

Maybe they want you to orgasm quickly. Maybe they want you to edge and edge until you have a super intense orgasm that blows your mind. Maybe they just want to tease you.

Whatever the case, remote control vibrators are sure to add some heat into the mix!

And since most are rechargeable, you don't have to worry about running low on batteries to spoil the moment.

Different Types of Remote Vibrators

Like all vibrators, you'll find different types of remote control models for sale on Ella Paradis. From the standard clitoral vibrator to the rabbit vibrator, you'll have fun shopping for different choices.

Just keep your personal preferences in mind and remember it's a fun sex toy and trying out new things is one of the best things you can do for your sex life whether you're flying solo or have a partner.

G-spot vibrators work well if you prefer internal stimulation while a bullet vibrator can help you climax easily with external stimulation. You can find models that either you or your partner can easily control with a remote.

This adds more fun to the play and keeps you essentially hands-free to do more exploring. Imagine a remote control bullet or remote control panty that your partner commands from another room, or in some cases from another location entirely. Talk about building up the suspense!

The Best Remote Control Vibrators

If you're undecided about which remote-controlled vibrator to choose, let us help you out. Here are a few models we recommend.

Better Love's Queen of Hearts — this is a couples' remote controlled vibrator. It's innovative in design in that it's flexible, so you can set it up for completely hands-free play with your partner.

It has 10 vibration modes and is 100% waterproof, which means you can take it in the shower or tub for extra loving in the water.

Lelo Lyla — this model is designed for external clitoris stimulation. As it's quiet and small, you can take it anywhere and spice up a night out on the town with uncontrollable pleasure.

Sensemotion technology lets your partner determine the level of intensity through how he or she moves the remote control. It has 8 speeds, which means you set the pace, and it's waterproof for shower or bath use.

We-Vibe Sync — this vibrator gives you unimaginable pleasure. Designed for wear during sex, it'll stimulate both your clitoris and g-spot at the same time.

The remote control lets your partner control everything from the intensity to the vibration mode. You can use the manual remote or use the We-Connect app to play from anywhere.

Talk about smartphones bringing your orgasm to the next level.

Omibod Club Vibe 2 — this one is a bit different because it's a wearable remote-controlled vibrator. It comes with a thong panty that has a special pouch just for the vibrating mechanism.

Either you or your partner can control the remote and it certainly adds a surprise element to your foreplay, because you never know when it'll go off.

These are just a few options to choose from. Our large selection includes silicone and egg vibrators as well as complementary accessories such as a cock ring or lube to go along with your play session.

Tricks and Tips for Using Remote Control Vibrators

When it comes to using a remote control vibrator, the best way to discover what you like most is to play around, either in a solo masturbation session, or have your partner help you explore and really turn up the heat. However, we do have a few tips to get you started.

With a partner

You can really spice up your sex life by involving your partner in your play sessions. If you're in a long-distance relationship or want to be daring, consider a Bluetooth vibrator that comes with a smartphone app.

Your partner has full control over when it's activated and the intensity level. Talk about keeping you on your toes!

Another way to play with your partner is to have them hold the wireless remote control, while you place the toy in or around your body. They can tease you as little or as much as they like, and you can even return the favor later.

Partner control will turn up the spice level and drive you to orgasm over and over.


Don't let anyone tell you that you need a partner to have a good time. Solo play is just as fun — and an absolute must — even if you're not single.

After all, the better you know your body, the more you can direct your partner and really escalate the intensity in the bedroom — or on the kitchen counter, we're not judging.

Break out the lube to ensure comfort and be sure to play around with the vibration modes and patterns. You may find slow and steady does it for you, or you might want to rush to the finish line — there's a time and place for both!

Care and Cleaning for Remote Control Vibrators

Like all other sex toys in your arsenal, it's important to care for your remote control vibrators properly. Whether you have a wearable vibrator or a wireless vibrator model, you'll want to clean them before and after use to prevent contamination.

This is especially true for those designed for internal use.

There are many cleaning products designed for sex toys, or you can use regular soap and water. For those that are USB rechargeable, make sure you don't get any water in the ports.

In between uses, it's a good idea to store it in a case or bag, to keep it body-safe and free of dust and debris.
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