Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation Nipple Teasers

Nipple Toy by Fifty Shades of Grey

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The nipples' sucker punch

When many think of sexual pleasure, they subconsciously think of the prostate or vaginal area. Thanks to Lovehoney, many have discovered that the nipples are another erogenous zone just waiting to be explored.


  • Silicone for luxurious feel
  • Simple to use
  • For foreplay and the main act
  • Latex-free for body-safety
  • Compatible with most kind of lubes

With this pair of nipple teasers, one can discover why nipple stimulation is becoming so popular. It is simple to use: place one on the first nipple, release air, and feel the sensation grow. Add the second sucker into the mix and get toe-curling sensation. Use this as a masturbation tool or put them on the hands of your lover for orgasmic pleasure.

The 50 Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation are a pair of Nipple Toys that assure a sensational experience. To use, apply a token of lube around the rim, squeeze and release over your areolas to create a gentle vacuum that increases the size of your nipples and boosts blood flow, which gives you an enriching and sensational feeling.

You can choose between pleasuring yourself or surrendering the teasers to your lover.

Add this to your collection and go over the edge with the power of toys endorsed by steamy author E.L James.

80% of 100
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