Neva Nude Pretty Kitty White Glitter Mask

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The Pretty Kitty White Glitter Pink Facemask is a frisky feline facemask that’s easy to wear and is made of breathable fabric that fits comfortably. This mask is not only a great fashion accessory but is also intended for people to wear to protect against the coronavirus.



  • Breathable Material
  • Stretchy Elastic Trim
  • Reversible Look

Since face masks have become the newest fashion accessory, why not show off your frisky feline side with a Pretty Kitty White Glitter Pink Facemask? The material is not only breathable but it's also reversible plus it can help meow away any bad germs coming your way! But in all seriousness, during these uncertain times it's not a bad idea to keep yourself protected and fashionable at the same time. So if you’re trying to social distance yourself but still be in public this mask is great for you!

We recommend hand washing your face mask with soap and water then laying flat to dry.


  • Comfortably Covers Nose, Mouth and Chin
  • Reversible
  • Black Liner Fabric Provides Maximal Breathability
  • Stretchy Elastic Trim Allows For Quick Coverage and Rapid Release
  • Can Easily Loosen For Desired Comfort
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