Electro Stimulation

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Electro Stimulation
  • Kinklabs - Agent Noir - Erotic Neon Wand Kit

    Kinklabs - Agent Noir - Erotic Neon Wand Kit 

    If your fantasies have ever included being a secret agent, sneaking through Checkpoint Charlie by the skin of your teeth, you're going to love the newest elite ElectroErotic device set, the Agent Noir Neon Wand Set! 

    Kinklabs has released the perfect kit for electro-enthusiasts of all experience levels. The new Neon Wand Kit is sure to dazzle and daze you and your partner over and over again with its electric touch.


    • Body safe materials
    • Great for beginners or advanced
    • Full set of all electro stim devices
    • Professional and attractive case


    • The Neon Wand
    •  Power Tripper attachment
    •  90° Probe
    •  Bulb attachment
    •  Comb attachment
    •  Tongue attachment
    •  Mushroom attachment
    •  Probe attachment
    •  The Pinwheel
    •  The Drum
    •  The Electro Whip
    •  Black double locking handcuffs
    •  Silver attaché case
  • JimmyJane - Hello Touch X - Electrostimulation and Vibration

    JimmyJane - Hello Touch X - Electrostimulation and Vibration

    Escape into a new world of pleasure sensation with the JimmyJane - Hello Touch X. From JimmyJane, a leading resource of pleasure products, comes the the perfect way to dabble in Electrostimulation: The HELLO TOUCH X. This unique and amazing pleasure surprise offers two sensations in one product. The HELLO TOUCH's tiny-but-extremly powerful Pleasure Pods are as versatile as your fingers - or the ones of your partner - bringing E-Stim or vibration anywhere hands may roam and explore sensual sensations.


    • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free
    • Cordless Recharging
    • Great for Couples
    • Multi-Use
    • Travel-Friendly
    • Water-Resistant
    • Three Year Limited Warranty

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price $99.99

  • Mystim Adaptor for 2.5 mm Phone Jack

    Mystim Adaptor for 2.5 mm Phone Jack


    • Article no 46591
    • Adapter to: Phone jack (female)
    • Adaptor from: Mystim round plug (male)
    • 24 Month Manufacturer Warranty
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