Electro Stimulation Vibrators

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Electro Stimulation Vibrators
  • ElectraStim - Electro Conductive Gel

    ElectraStim - Electro Conductive Gel

    ElectraStim's non-greasy electro conductive gel is a must when using cock/scrotum ElectraRings or the adjustable ElectraLoops. It ensures good electrical contact between the accessory and your skin which is essential in achieving the ultimate sensation. For External use only. 2 oz.

  • Electrastim - Nona - G-Spot and P-Spot Electrode - Probe

    ElectraStim Accessory Silicone Nona Vaginal/G-Spot Probe

    Add a little extra spark to your bedroom fun - literally! Expertly crafted for precision, this smooth silicone probe houses conductive strips for safe internal electrical stimulation and incredible orgasmic bliss. Nona makes an excellent accentuation to foreplay, oral sex and anal sex.


    • Body safe - Phthalate Free, Latex Free
    • Insertable length: 4 inches
    • Ergonomically designed

    **Requires bi-polar electro-sex power unit with 2mm pins to operate (not included)

  • Mystim - Electrodes for Tens Units - 32 mm

    Mystim - Electrodes for Tens Units - 32 mm

    These round self-adhesive electrodes have a diameter of 32 mm, can be used multiple times and connected to all devices that have a male 2 mm plug.


    • Self-adhesive electrodes
    • Re-usable
    • Suitable for all power units with a 2mm plug
  • Mystim - Electrodes for Tens Units 40mm

    Mystim - Electrodes for Tens Units 40mm

    Self-adhesive electrodes, re-usable, suitable for all power units with a 2mm plug.


    • Self-adhesive electrodes
    • Re-usable
    • Suitable for all power units with a 2mm plug
  • Mystim - Electrode Gel for Tens Units

    Mystim - Electrode Gel for Tens Units

    This gel is an electro conductive adhesive for non-adhesive electrodes. With the electrode gel, those electrodes don't have to be taped to the body any longer. Again: This is an adhesive - a glue, NOT a lubricant.

  • ElectraStim - Sensavox EM140 - Electro Stimulator

    ElectraStim - Sensavox EM140 - Electro Stimulator

    The ultimate in electrosex play for couples. Dual channels with individual controls allow you to use up to 4 uni-polar or 2 bi-polar sex toys. The unit can even be controlled by music or your voice and operates via mains or battery power.

    The ElectraStim SensaVox delivers incredible stimulation by sending electronic pulses through any electrosex toy you connect to the unit. Designed with absolute safety in mind and utilising years of research into electro therapy, this expandable kit offers a varied platform for couples electro-play.


    • Mains or battery powered electrastim unit for thrilling couples E-Stim pleasure
    • Uses the same technology as TENS machines and lazy tummy toners
    • Dual outputs can power up to 4 uni-polar toys (or a pair of bi-polar toys)
    • Optional audio setting activates power with music or your voice
    • Boost button gives extra oompf when you need it
    • Requires 2 uni-polar or 1 bi-polar toy to complete a single circuit on a single channel



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  • JimmyJane - Hello Touch X - Electrostimulation and Vibration

    JimmyJane - Hello Touch X - Electrostimulation and Vibration

    Escape into a new world of pleasure sensation with the JimmyJane - Hello Touch X. From JimmyJane, a leading resource of pleasure products, comes the the perfect way to dabble in Electrostimulation: The HELLO TOUCH X. This unique and amazing pleasure surprise offers two sensations in one product. The HELLO TOUCH's tiny-but-extremly powerful Pleasure Pods are as versatile as your fingers - or the ones of your partner - bringing E-Stim or vibration anywhere hands may roam and explore sensual sensations.


    • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free
    • Cordless Recharging
    • Great for Couples
    • Multi-Use
    • Travel-Friendly
    • Water-Resistant
    • Three Year Limited Warranty

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price $99.99

  • ElectraStim - Flick Duo EM80-E - Stimulator Pack

    ElectraStim Flick Duo Stimulator Pack

    Share the Electra Stim Duo Stimulator with your partner and you’ll experience individual control over the electrodes you love the most. You and your partner can wear one pad each on the buttock or inner thigh area and then have intercourse like you have never done before as the stimulation current flows between your two bodies!


    • Patent Pending "Flick" Feature
    • 25 Intensity Levels per Output
    • USB Chargeable - No Batteries Required
    • Up to 3 Hours Use Between Charges
    • Power On to a Totally New Sexual Experience
    • Fire Nerve Endings to an Orgasmic Frenzy
    • Can be Used Alone or with a Partner
    • 8 Exciting Stimulation Effects
    • 4 Flick Modes
    • Soft Touch Black Control Unit/Black Chrome Bezel
    • Small Size: 95mm (H) x 55mm (W) x 15mm (D)
    • Built To the Highest Standards
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