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The Liberator Mustache Wedge’s curved handles will give you better grip plus more support and comfort! Experiment with the Mustache Wedge’s added lift—great for oral sex—and increased stability during doggy style. The Mustache Wedge is available in 3 colors to fit in with your bedroom decor



  • Machine-washable
  • Size: 24” L x 12” W x 8” H
  • Made in the USA
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The Liberator Mustache Wedge Sex Pillow has a frisky alternative look with a few added features and a subtle slope and firmness that’s ideal for providing support and lift for intercourse and oral positions. Say ‘goodbye’ to position fatigue and ‘hello’ to an entirely new dimension of intimate connection. The Mustache Wedge is a fun and frisky alternative to our classic sexual positioning wedges – with a few added features. You and your partner can achieve and maintain the most pleasurable sexual positions without feeling winded or worn out. The Mustache Wedge has been reshaped for greater functionality, featuring curled handles on each side that work as gripping points. Additionally, the gentle curvature helps provide more traction while having sex on soft mattresses. Crafted from high-density foam and featuring a velvety-soft finish, the Mustache Wedge is designed for sensualizing comfort. The contoured design provides optimal support for you and your partner, giving both parties the freedom to enjoy deeper and more pleasurable sex positions, while spicing some old favorites. Choose from a variety of colors that fit seamlessly with your bedroom decor. Made of a high-quality, super-dense foam, Liberator pillows are designed to hold their shape when you put your full weight on them. Their velvety outer cover is removable and machine-washable, while the satin lining underneath ensures your Mustache Wedge stays dry.

We recommend cleaning your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.


  • Dense foam pillow for more comfortable sex
  • Handlebar mustache shape for gripping when play gets hot
  • 8 inches high for support during doggy style
  • Creates better access and lift, for prolonged oral sex without neck strain
  • High-density foam supports body weight
  • Soft microfiber cover feels lush against bare skin
  • Relieves back, neck, and joint stress during longer sessions
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable
  • Moisture-resistant liner protects the foam core
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