How Doubling the Intensity of Your Orgasm is Right at Your Fingertips

There is a huge misconception about prostate pleasure and men, in that any man who enjoys prostate pleasure must be gay. This is 100% false, and a myth that needs to be verbally debunked as often as possible. Besides the fact that there are plenty of gay men who don’t even enjoy any sort of anal sex, many straight men have recently been taking the plunge into prostate play. Why? Because the male G-spot exists and we have news: it is not in your penis. Believe it or not, men should be worshipping their prostate more than ever if they want to experience an orgasm beyond their wildest dreams. Why You Should Start Exploring More Areas of Pleasure For men, the prostate is considered to be a somewhat taboo topic. Straight men especially get a little wobbly in the knees when it comes to talking about their potential G-spot. Men worship their scrotum, when in reality, they should be praising the prostate. If you’re living in the days of yore and still equate prostate stimulation with homosexuality, then it’s time to wake up. Not only is prostate massaging an extremely enjoyable activity for many men, but it also can lead to some incredible health benefits down the road. Research has shown that prostate orgasms have the potential to be almost double as pleasurable than penile orgasms, and really fellas, who wouldn’t want that? Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Need to Know Maybe it’s the fact that you’re embarrassed. You don’t want your girlfriend to think you are any less of a man if you ask for a little butt play in the bedroom. Have no fear, Ella Paradis is here. The good news is your girlfriend doesn’t need to know. Because of our exceptional array of prostate massagers that are available online, you can explore yourself on your own terms in the comfort of your own home, without any potential risk for judgment. With our fast, discreet shipping options, nobody has to know but you. Start simple with our ElectraStim Silicone Sirius Prostate Massager, and get a feel for what feels good to you. What is the Male G-Spot? Contrary to popular belief, the male G-spot is not in the penis. Surprise! It’s in the prostate. This is one of the most, if not the most erogenous zone for men. It’s slightly bigger than a walnut and is located directly under the bladder, about two inches into your anus. This is ultimately why straight men think that any sort of prostate play is directly linked to homosexuality. However, gay men aren’t born with extra nerve endings in their rectum. Guys, you ALL have those same nerve endings. It has nothing to do with sexuality and more to do with simple science. Health Benefits to Decent Butt Play The truth is, there are many more benefits to prostate massage and experimentation that just better orgasms (although, that’s a pretty damn good reason to me). Many men are encouraged by their doctors to visit frequently for a prostate massage in order to help with ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and urine flow. The prostate secretes a milky white alkaline fluid, which is actually what a little less than 40% of semen is composed of. When you regularly secrete this fluid, through the help of prostate stimulation, you’ll clear out any ducts in your reproductive and urinary systems, and improve your health overall. Okay, You’ve Convinced Me…Where the Hell Do I Even Start? If you are considering taking the next step in prostate exploration, first and foremost, congratulations. You’re on your way to better health and better sex, solo or otherwise. In order to stimulate your G-spot, in a direct way, you’ll need to first use a bit of lubricant (more if necessary), and choose your pleasure weapon. We suggest starting small, like the Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Probe or the Fujiko's Waterproof Anal Probe. Both of these are perfect for anal stimulation, and are a nice way to transition into the idea of prostate play. You can always peruse our collection of prostate massagers on your own terms and find which toy best suits your situation.


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