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Women's Sexual Body Mapping: A Confidence Booster to Keep Him Cumming

Expectation is a pretty heavy weight to carry, especially when it comes to sexual satisfaction in the bedroom. In the way that men might feel pressure to perform, many women feel compelled to ensure that their partner is fully satisfied, while forgoing their own physical pleasure and needs. Often mistaken as the ultimate sacrifice, giving up before you hit the finish line can be detrimental, not only to your level of intimacy as a couple, but also to own your self-confidence. You've heard the expression "it takes two to tango", and indeed it does, but what happens when the dance is operating with only one skilled, routine-familiar performer? It is important that both parties bring something to the table -- to be familiar with their own likes and dislikes, in order to better communicate what feels good. What a disservice it would be to deprive your partner the opportunity to successfully bring you to climax, an experience guaranteed to increase intimacy. Taking the time to explore your body, or body mapping, can be an excellent way to ensure that your partner is hitting the mark each and every time. By knowing and mastering your own erotic zones, you build confidence that translates behind closed doors. A deeper connection with your lover is the result of having become more intimately acquainted with your body. The hallmark of sexual pleasure lies in knowing what works for you and how to execute, in order to reach climax. Masturbation is an excellent way to become familiar with your sexual triggers and response. By incorporating a few toys into your body-mapping arsenal, you can increase your level of pleasure-confidence, exploring various types of stimulation, at a pace that is comfortable for you. From discreet, pocket-size clitoral stimulators, to sleek and display-worthy vibrators, Ella Paradis has a little something for everyone. In fact, half the fun of body-mapping is in the exploration. The OhMiBod Lovelife Discover - Mini Vibrator is an excellent way to keep heightened pleasure discreet. Use it for clitoral stimulation or as a comfortable introduction to anal play. The We-Vibe Nova G-Spot/Rabbit Vibrator is designed to bring clitoral contact while thrilling your G-spot at the same time. A must-have when body-mapping goals include calling a search for the illusive G-spot. Building confidence starts and ends with familiarity. The more you know about what makes your body beg for more, the better your partner will be equipped with the knowledge to get you there. Just knowing what your own body is capable of makes sex an enjoyable and highly anticipated event, solo or paired up. More confidence means better sex.


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