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Mind-Blowing Orgasms Take Center Stage in This Couple's Trick

Here’s a shocker: everyone masturbates. Okay, maybe not everyone. But the majority of the human race at one point or another have touched themselves in order to explore or achieve sexual pleasure. And as awesome as the act of solo sex is, mutual masturbation can be even more pleasurable. That’s right all you lovebirds out there, you and your partner can achieve orgasms simultaneously while focusing on your own bodies. Sounds interesting? Well your love life is about to get way more exciting.

The truth is, men and women have different bodies. Adding to that, they reach orgasm in different ways. But just because that is the case, doesn’t mean you can’t experience a mutual orgasm together. Not only can mutual masturbation increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner, but it can also lead to more satisfaction in the bedroom. How often have you had sex with your partner and only one of you got off? It happens more than you think. Women’s orgasms in particular are a lot harder to predict than men’s, and more often than not, it requires a balance of technique, emotion, and timing. This is why for women, only about one third regularly can reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

For women, mutual masturbation normally means that increasing the clitoral stimulation is definitely a must. Most women can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation only, and there are a few ways that you and your partner can begin to explore this together. By using a simple toy, like our JimmyJane Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator, you can enhance the natural touch with fingertip vibrations, whether worn by you or your partner, in order to reach a more satisfactory orgasm. You can use this toy to stimulate certain erogenous zones that may have been neglected during regular intercourse.

However, there are a few more ways in which you can heighten a mutual orgasm while also spicing up your love life. To start, you and your partner begin by attempting to reach orgasm at the same time by simultaneously masturbating. You can absolutely use the help of a couple’s vibrator, like the We-Vibe Sync Couple’s Vibrator or perhaps the Feranti Rocks Off His and Hers Pleasure Set. Not only will you both be more likely able to reach orgasm, you can also use the act of watching your partner to benefit your own technique.

Another way to mutually masturbate with your partner, is by starting simultaneously, with toys or not, and before you reach the notorious plateau phase (right when everything is peaking and fireworks are about to pop), you both switch and finish each other off. This is a great way to incorporate one another into the masturbation part of things, and still finish together. One of the best toys for this type of mutual masturbation is the Jimmyjane Form 1 Remote Control Wearable Vibrator. The remote control fits into yours, or your partner’s palm, allowing for a quick transition of controls during the act.

One of the more tried-and-true ways to achieve mutual masturbation, is with good old fashioned oral sex. Position 69, as it’s more commonly referred, means that you and your partner can simultaneously give and receive pleasure, allowing you to time your pace so that you can both climax together. Not only does a simultaneous orgasm allow for you and your partner to both experience sexual release, but it definitely creates a level of intimacy that you may have not enjoyed together before.  


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