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About Fun Factory

Specializing in non-phallic, super-soft silicone toys for all bodies, Fun Factory's award-winning female-lead design team has created an arsenal of innovative and groundbreaking products to suit your every need.

While they're best known for super-strong vibrators like the Tiger and Tiger G5, Fun Factory is also much-beloved for their Stronic line, a collection of toys that thrust in and out instead of vibrating (however, the Stronic Bi-Fusion, a rabbit-style dual stimulator, does both.) A great option for those who love penetration but aren't big on vibration, Fun Factory makes Stronics for everything from G-spot stimulation to anal play.Into textured toys? The Stronic Drei comes fully loaded with a pulse-pounding, ridged texture for super-strong sensation.

Never shy when it comes to size, Fun Factory are also the makers of some of the girthiest, strongest vibrators we've come across.The Big Boss and Big Boss G5 are some of their more well-endowed offerings, but they also make a few slimmer ‐ yet filling ‐ options like the Mr.Boss.For those interested in either a smaller size or external stimulation (or both), the highly cute Cayona and the ergonomically shaped Laya Spot are strong choices, both literally and figuratively.

Dildos are another one of Fun Factory's specialties.The Share and Sharevibe are some of the best-selling strapless dildos on Planet Earth, and the Magnum, a more slender, basic dido that's perfect for harnesses, are some of their more popular options.Erstwhile, for penises, the Cobra Libre is a fantastic vibrating stroker that can be used during masturbation or partnered play.

Truly a jack-of-all trades when it comes to pleasure, Fun Factory is nearly every sex educator and expert's brand of choice when it comes to quality, strength, design, and satisfaction.

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