Fetish Fantasy

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  • Furniture

    Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing

    By Pipedream

    Fetish Fantasy Series - Black - Sex Swing

    Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted! Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined - and reap the benefits and pleasure they arouse.

    Was: $180.00

    Now: $160.00

  • Panty Vibrator

    Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Remote Control Vibrating Panties - Regular

    By Pipedream

    Panties that vibrate, passion that thrill

    Because you need a sexy panty that agrees with your shape, because you need a vibrator that you do not have to carry about, Pipedream offers you the one Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Panty stone to kill the bird of sexiness and sensation.


    • Whisper quiet
    • Micro-bullet vibrator
    • Wireless remote controlled
    • 20 pulsation patterns
    • Easy to use with one push button

    Was: $74.00

    Now: $59.00

  • Ball Gag

    Fetish Fantasy Series - Breathable Ball Gag

    By Pipedream

    Fetish Fantasy Series - Breathable Ball Gag 

    Keep your lover quiet with this playful Deluxe Breathable Gag! Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, the gag puts a seductive twist on bondage play. The deluxe breathable ball gag uses a leather strap to adjust and fit snugly, controlling when and how often your lover speaks. A free mask is included. One size fits most. Silent Seduction!

    Was: $22.99

    Now: $12.99

  • Furniture

    Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Door Swing

    • Turns any door into an erotic bondage playground
    • Easy setup
    • No need for modification or fancy hardware
    • Adjusts to fit most sizes

    Was: $58.99

    Now: $48.99

  • Furniture

    Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position Master

    • Allows you to try new, creative lovemaking positions with ease
    • Easy inflation and deflation with air seal valve
    • Holds up to 300 pounds
    • includes a free mask

    Was: $36.99

    Now: $26.99

  • Restraint

    Fetish Fantasy Designer Cuffs - Black

    By Pipedream

    Fetish Fantasy Designer Cuffs in Black Give your lover a surprise when you bring out these hefty metal handcuffs. Give the yourself the power of dominance and see how your lover will respond - anticipation is everything! Have some fun tonight! Product Features: Hefty metal handcuffs Designer Cuffs Part of Fetish Fantasy Series Collection Show Your Dominate Or Submissive Side Quick Release Perfect For Beginners

    Was: $14.99

    Now: $11.99

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