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Water Based Lubes, Gels & Creams
  • Personal Lubricant

    Original Bodyglide Silicone Based - 8.5 oz.

    By Pjur

    • Silicone-based
    • Long-lasting
    • Skin-compatible 
    • Odorless and taste-neutral

    Was: $73.99

    Now: $58.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Love Liquid Classic Water Based - 3.4 oz.

    By Kama Sutra

    Water is classic, love liquid, a most rewarding choice

    Kama Sutra's Love Liquid Classic is newly designed with your sensitive tissues in mind, this silky water-based lubricant is formulated without sugars and other harmful derivatives. With no stickiness, this lightweight, dermatologist tested lube is the answer to your steamy expectations in bed.


    • All natural
    • Latex safe and condom compatible
    • Dermatologist tested and medically-approved
    • Silky and never sticky
    • Lightweight and easy on your body
    • Smooth and slippery

    Was: $26.00

    Now: $16.00

  • Personal Lubricant

    Personal Moisturizer - 2.5 oz.

    By Lelo

    Premium water-based moisturizer from LELO is unscented and perfect for sensual use with a partner or individually. 

    • Fortified with Aloe Vera
    • Long-lasting
    • Body safe
    • Free of glycerin, parabens, and fragrances





    Was: $29.00

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Woman Nude Water Based Personal - 3.4 oz.

    By Pjur

    For your personal pleasure

    Woman Nude is a water-based personal lube that was specially made for the delicate and sensitive skin of women while being complete without odor and without taste. And it is super safe for your body.


    • Body-safe as it contains no preservatives, glycerine, and parabens.
    • Odorless and tasteless
    • Non-sticky
    • For delicate skin
    • Oil/fat-free with no perfume

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $15.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Lube - Aqua Sensual Care Water Based - 8 oz.

    By Wicked

    This water based lube is incredibly luxurious and silky smooth. You will love the Wicked Sensual Care Collection Fragrance Free Aqua Water Based lube. Its unique blend of spa quality ingredients, enriched with Aloe & Vitamin E is so rich you will be surprised it is not silicone! Add even more pleasure at an incredible price.

    • Water Based Lubricant
    • Paraben-Free
    • Enriched with Aloe

  • Personal Lubricant

    Buck Angel's T'4.2oz

    By Sliquid

    T-Lube is an Aloe Vera and Carrageenan based personal lubricant and moisturizer, and is the first Sliquid product designed for trans men’s daily use. T-Lube doubles as a personal lubricant for all intimate activity.

    Was: $24.00

    Now: $14.00

  • Personal Lubricant

    Divine 9 - 4 oz.

    By Divine

    Divine 9, The Ultimate in Pleasure & Protection. Divine 9 is a water-based personal lubricant perfectly formulated for a slippery yet intimate touch.

    • Water-based
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Glycerine and Paraben free
    • Compatible with latex, rubber, and plastic

    Was: $29.00

    Now: $19.00

  • Personal Lubricant

    Naturals Water Based Beautifully Bare

    By Wet

    Beautifully bared for sexual ecstasy

    Some lubes react to your body in a mean way; they might burn or irritate your body. For a lube which will match your sensitive body without any hostile reaction, for a lube which will enhance your natural lubrication for an orgasmic pleasure, Wet's Naturals Water Based Beautifully Bare Lube is an assured choice.


    • Paraben and Glycerin free
    • 3.3 oz flip top bottle
    • Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants
    • Water-based
    • Accepts silicone and latex materials

    Was: $22.99

    Now: $12.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Aqua Water Based - 8.5 oz.

    By Wicked

    Get the rich, long-lasting, silky-smooth feel of a silicone lube without the sticky residue. Wicked Aqua water-based personal lubricant gives you sensational feeling without staining your sheets or damaging your favorite toys.

    Product Highlights:

    • Best Water-Based Lube in the Market
    • Fragrance-free and Paraben-free
    • Vegan – no animal byproducts or testing
    • Water-based blend of spa-quality ingredients
    • Enriched with aloe, Vitamin E, and olive leaf extract
    • Long lasting and never sticky or tacky
    • Absorbs completely with zero residue
    • Cleans away easily with water
    • Latex friendly

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Warming Water Based - 4 oz.

    By Swiss Navy

    The warmer the sexier

    Every day, sex toy makers make products that puncture the myth that silicone is the king of smoothness. Swiss Navy scored a good one with this Warming Water Based Lube; it feels so smooth and refreshing on your body, ups your arousal all for a long lasting affair.


    • Unique warming fluid
    • Water-based
    • Feels like silicone
    • Long lasting
    • Pump top bottle

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Earthly Body - Water Slide Personal Lubricant w/Carrageenan - 8oz Bottle

    By Earthly Body

    Earthly Body Water Slide Personal Lubricant w/Carrageenan - 8oz Bottle


    • Earthly Body's WaterSlide is the simplest, purest personal moisturizer you can find
    • Just four natural ingredients and one of them is water!
    • Especially suited for women who are very sensitive.
    • WaterSlide is water-based, non-toxic, non-staining, odorless, and vegan.
    • It features natural carrageenan extract (from red algae seaweed)
    • Contains no silicones, petroleums, parabens, sticky glycerins, or preservatives.
    • Earthly Body's WaterSlide is the one moisturizer you have been looking for.
    • Rejuvenates when it comes into contact with moisture, whether it be saliva or a woman’s own natural lubrication.
    • Earthly Body's Water Slide personal lubricant is all natural and serious fun. 
    • Formulated with women in mind.
    • Comes in 8 oz. Bottle.

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $19.99

  • Personal Lubricant

    Flesh4 oz.

    By Fleshlight

    Fleshlight - Water Lubricant

    Designed to provide the optimal silky smooth feel for use with both the Fleshlight and with a partner, this premium water-based lubricant is manufactured from the highest quality medical grade ingredients. Easy to clean, and incredibly natural and pleasurable to use, there is not a better water-based lubricant on the market today. Dermatologically Formulated. Gentle On Sensitive Skin. Hypoallergenic & Natural. Paraben-Free.

    Was: $20.00

    Now: $10.00

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