Non-Toxic Lubes - 5 Chemicals to Avoid When Buying Lube

Non-Toxic Lubes - 5 Chemicals to Avoid When Buying Lube
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Lube is a lifesaver in the bedroom but it can also be extremely harmful to your health if you aren’t careful with the brands you use. The easiest way to ensure your sexual pleasure remains safe is to stick with all natural or non toxic lubes. You grab a bottle and don’t have to worry. However, if you’re not sold on the non-toxic lube idea just yet (you need to read about the 5 terrifying facts), here are the top chemicals to avoid.


Glycerin is a type of sugar alcohol that is often found in personal lubricants. But as you know, too much sugar is never good for you, especially when it comes to your vagina. Glycerin lubricants have been known to increase the risk of bacteria growth, candida, yeast infections and UTIs.  So, eliminate this ingredient from your sex toy stash. Your body will appreciate a nontoxic treat more than it enjoys sugar alcohol.


You’ve taken the time to eliminate preservatives from your diet but have completely overlooked the ones hiding in your sexual lubricants. Ingredients such as benzyl alcohol, citric acid, and parabens have their own (long) list of side effects. In addition to the dangers associated with each, many people have even complained of burning and itching as a result of the preservatives found in lubricants. And to be honest, those are on the better side of the potential side effects.
So, stick with nontoxic, organic lubricants. The absence of preservatives simply means you’ll need to have fun more often to ensure you use it up before it goes bad.


Lubricants that use phenoxyethanol can cause serious harm when absorbed into your skin. The FDA has even reported this ingredient to cause reproductive damage while also linking it to depressing the central nervous system in newborns.
Additionally, phenoxyethanol has been linked to adversely affecting the immune system and is even listed as a moderate hazard by some organizations. So, you certainly don’t want to be slathering your naughty bits with any lubes that contain this ingredient.


Petrochemicals such as propylene glycol, petroleum, and polyethylene glycol are petroleum are commonly found in flavored lubricants or varieties that give off a special sensation, such as warming or tingling. The scariest thing is that some of the petrochemicals you’ll find in your lubes are also found in antifreeze, whereas others are found in laxatives and oven cleaners, and there is nothing sexy about that. More importantly, you don’t need chemicals to get the sensations you desire as many nontoxic lubes incorporate natural ingredients to provide the same amount of pleasure, sans chemicals.  


Silicone is a common ingredient used within the (traditional) adult sex industry and it’s time we changed that. Silicone oils are petroleum-based chemicals but deserve a category of their own because of the dangers associated with them. These kinds of lubes have many serious side effects and can even affect your body’s normal functions.
So, be careful with silicone toys and oils. This ingredient is often disguised on labels by using different names, such as dimethicone, methyl polysiloxane, viscasil 5M, polymerized methyl polysiolozane, and mirasil DM 20.  Your safest bet is to stick with organic lubricants and you won’t have to worry.


Similar to the prior, benzocaine is a toxin commonly found in lubricants designed to numb pain associated with rough sex or anal play, which is just crazy when you think about it. Pain is your body’s way of telling you, “Hey! I don’t like this!” So, using a lube that disables your body’s red flags is scary. You need to be able to feel pain to avoid injuries, tears and other major problems.
So, if you want a numbing or tingling sensation, make sure you’re reading the ingredients on your lubricants first. If benzocaine is listed, avoid it.

Non-Toxic Lubes Worth Buying

These are only 5 of the harmful toxins commonly found in traditional lubes, and there are 100’s more to avoid. So, your best option is to eliminate toxic lubes from your sex life altogether. Stop reading the ingredient lists because there’s almost always going to be a harmful one listed. Stick with natural lubes for safe and easy adult shopping and sex.

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