Mother's Day: Undo the Stress, Mommy's not so little helper

Mother's Day: Undo the Stress, Mommy's not so little helper
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Work, chores, dinner, scheduling, carpooling, laundry, raising a person, school drop-offs, school pick-ups, being a parent is HARD WORK!

For many moms, Mother’s Day is the first day in what probably feels like an eternity that she can put up her feet. It’s a day that focuses on only her for the first time in a long time. And it is well-deserved. 

For many, the stress of being a parent in the pandemic only compounded how tough raising children can be, especially when you don’t get a break. According to the American Psychological Association, almost half of parents reported mental and physical declines during the pandemic. Because when you have no time to yourself, things can feel even more challenging. 

If you’re a mom, you do so much. And have so little time to yourself. That’s why it’s important to clear away some of that stress on the day you deserve pampering, rest, relaxation, and dare we say it—pleasure. 

Breaking news? Moms want more sex

Ready for a shocker? After having kids, sexuality amongst moms is often portrayed in movies and TV as dull or non-existent. But the truth of the matter is that moms are sexual beings. In fact, a 2020 survey by Scary Mommy sought to correct just how wrong people’s assumptions about sexuality post-birth are. 

The survey found that 76% of moms said their sex drive was stronger than their partner’s. Also…moms masturbate! And even watch porn. According to the survey, which collected responses from various states in America and some provinces in Canada, 57% of moms masturbate alone at least once a month, and 28% watch porn at least once a month. 

How about sex toy usage? Yep, they do that too. 62% of moms with babies under 12 months use sex toys. Breaking news? Not so much. 

Here’s one interesting find from the survey: the majority of moms report feeling touched out. Being touched out is a common experience among moms, which means that touch can feel overwhelming. Why? Simply put, moms are overextended from constant care: holding kids, rocking them to sleep, breastfeeding, you know the drill. At the end of the day, moms may feel like the last thing they want is to be touched. 

How, then, do you ring in Mother’s Day and give mom what she needs?

Well, the answer might surprise you. Keeping in mind that moms never get alone time, this is your key. Of course, the best way to know what mom wants for Mother’s Day is to ask her yourself. But if you’re planning something, give the gift of alone time. Alone time is a necessity for your well-being. 

So, how much alone time do parents get per day? A 2018 survey amongst 2000 parents found that on average, parents get around 30 minutes of alone time per day. And that was before the pandemic. 

Give the gift of self-care

A sex toy makes for the perfect self-care package. The Better Love Stormy Night in 2.0 has it all—relaxation and O’s. With the combination of bath bombs, a massage candle, and the rabbit, which is one of Ella members' most loved vibrators, self-care stays in mind. The rabbit stimulates both the g-spot and clitoris at the same time, being sure to help get you there. As the icing on the cake, (or the syrup to Mother’s Day pancakes) the rabbit is waterproof, meaning you can sink into a warm bath, relax your muscles, and go to straight O town. You just give the gift of time. 

Self care can also help alleviate stress; people usually cite increased libido as a byproduct of less stress! So here are self-care ideas for Mother’s Day. 

  • Cook her breakfast in bed
  • After a small family gathering, block out a few hours that are just for her. She gets to do whatever she wants! If that’s a luxurious bubble bath, Better Love Stormy Night in 2.0 has her covered. 
  • Ask her what she desires (then listen!)
  • No chores! She doesn’t lift a finger. 
  • Give her a massage with the Better Love Stormy Night in 2.0 massage candle (if she so desires.)

Orgasm your stress away

If you’ve often heard that sex, either solo or with a partner, can be a stress-reliever but wondered if there’s truth behind it, there is! Orgasms release the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which can alleviate anxieties. Some people list stress relief as their sole reason for masturbation. 

Stress can also play a role in decreasing libido, which makes it harder to orgasm. The Tap Dancer™ can help. It has different tapping modes because a sex toy should cater to your unique rhythm, helping you find an O or three with ease. The Tap Dancer™ was designed with a human feel in mind, and with the knowledge that everyone needs a different rhythm to get there. With similar qualities that you might find in a massage, you can go to the spa without ever leaving bed. 

Masturbating more can also help increase libido. And, studies have shown masturbation not only leads to more satisfied individuals but happier marriages! According to a 2015 study, women who masturbate have increased desire and more satisfaction in their marriages. 

The main factor people need to masturbate and melt their stress away is just a few minutes of alone time a day. So, this Mother’s Day and beyond, why not make it a practice to carve out a few minutes a day where she can do whatever she pleases

This Mother’s Day, send some love to moms for all they do! And remember that motherhood is not a goodbye wave to sexuality.

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