How To Warm Up Your Sex Toys

How To Warm Up Your Sex Toys
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Hey, everyone.

Super short and sweet. How to warm up a sex toy and there are actually a few different ways.

So, if you have a toy that doesn't already have a heated feature, whether that be a male's toy, a couples’ toy, women's toy doesn't matter.

There are some toys that do have a heated feature in which you have different heat settings. But if you don't have a toy that has that and you just want to warm it up, there are a few different ways.

You can warm up a toy with warm water, of course, or you can warm it up in your hands, of course, ensuring your hands are clean.

Or you could try a warming lube for some additional stimulation.

Like I said, outside of some toys that have that heated setting, you have other ways to achieve that.

Of course, this and more available at, as well as our YouTube and Vimeo.

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