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The amount of uncertainty at this time can be overwhelming, and now with talks of the government reopening parts of the country, it’s becoming even harder to know when all of this will end. Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep yourself safe and sane during this time.

Not only is this time very frustrating because of all the uncertainty, but many of us who aren’t lucky enough to be spending quarantine with a partner are becoming sexually frustrated as well. The good news is that if you are spending this time solo, there are a bunch of ways to curb that frustration. From the Womanizer Premium to the Better Love’s Rabbit Lily, there’s plenty of sex toys out there to help at a time like this when you need a little bit of pleasure. The Womanizer Premium focuses on clitoral stimulation, while the Rabbit Lily vibrator provides vaginal stimulation to the G-spot while tickling the clitoris into ecstasy. Both products can be used solo, or with a partner bu,t remember; you are your safest partner now and always — plus, a little self-love never hurt anybody.

Stay Inside Whenever Possible
This tip is a kind of an obvious one, but many people are not taking the “Stay at Home” order as seriously as they should. It’s important to remember one person truly can make a difference in flattening the curve. However, staying inside doesn’t have to be completely boring. Spice up your self-isolation with a little bit of pleasure using the One Night Stand Clitoral Stimulator by Satisfyer. This one-time-use, multi-speed stimulator is there when you want to enjoy all the fun of a one-night stand from the comfort of your own home.

Find Ways to Have Fun Without Leaving the House
While self-pleasure is a great way to keep yourself entertained, there’s plenty of other things to do when you want to keep busy during self-isolation. Self-love isn’t just about sexual pleasure; it can also mean taking some well-deserved “me time” by doing things that you enjoy. Whether that’s reading a good book, having a cup of coffee, or taking a bubble bath, everyone deserves a little break every once in a while.

Educate Others
As much as it is important to care for yourself right now, it is just as important to care for others in your life too. A great way to keep those you love safe is to inform them of the dangers of going out at a time like this. Though it may be frustrating, the longer we fight it and disobey the laws put out for our safety, the longer this pandemic will last. Take this time to encourage friends and loved ones to stay indoors as well by hosting a virtual game night or hang out and educate them on why social distancing is essential.

So no matter your situation; if you’re solo or with your other half, there are fun ways to keep your mind off the news and uncertainty around us and shift your focus to being a little more present and in touch with yourself. Our sex toys just make things a little more colorful and fun. Can we all agree the world needs a little more of that right about now?

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