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Womanizer Pro Clit Stimulator

Last night, Womanizer was featured Bravo’s hit TV show “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

On the show, Dr. Jennifer Berman, a urologist and sexual health expert, gifts the Womanizer Plus to Captain Sandy, a Real Housewife of Miami, saying: “I recommend this to my patients. They guarantee within 1-3 minutes, you will have an orgasm.”

And as those words left her lips and floated out into the ether, the internet promptly exploded. Mere minutes later after the mention, searches for Womanizer on our site skyrocketed nearly 800 percent as people scrambled to get their hands on the toy guaranteed to make users orgasm in less time than it takes to sit through a “Below Deck” commercial break.

The question is, is Dr. Berman’s guarantee for real? Does the Womanizer Plus actually give people orgasms in that short of a time?

We’ll be brief: yes.

Yes it does.
womanizer plus clit stimulator

The Womanizer Plus Clit Stimulator

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The Womanizer Plus is Womanizer’s most powerful clit stimulator. Using patented Pleasure Air Technology®, the Plus stimulates the clitoris with waves of thrilling pulsation and suction as it purrs and rumbles on the body’s most sensitive organ. Not quite a vibrator but a powerful toy nonetheless, the Womanizer Plus, is perfect for folks who love clitoral stimulation or need it to orgasm, but want to try a different sensation than vibration.

In fact, since the Plus doesn’t touch the clitoris directly –– it only envelops its perimeter as it suckles on it –– many people report they don’t feel the temporary numbness or desensitization they do after using a traditional vibrator. Instead, they find it makes their clits more sensitive, as the suction draws blood into its erectile tissue and provides it with even better circulation and responsiveness to sensation.

With its petal-soft silicone head, ergonomic, intuitive design and 12 exhilarating intensity settings that take users on an escalating ride of pleasure, a 1-3 minute orgasm is a definite possibility. In fact, Womanizer guarantees that if their products don’t make you climax in under four minutes. However, if it doesn’t, or if you’re anything less than satisfied with the Plus, you can always take advantage of our 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

While the Plus is Womanizer’s largest, most intense and most versatile option, they also make a variety of other incredible products that use the same sort of toe-curling clitoral stimulation to help people orgasm in record time. The Womanizer Pro W500 has the same maximum strength as the Plus, but only 8 settings for folks who might not be interested in the four lower settings the Plus offers. The Pro40 is Womanizer’s best-seller; a mid-range model with medium strength and a more affordable price point. More recently, Womanizer has added the 2GO, a lipstick-style clit stimulator that looks like a tube of makeup for maximum discretion, and the Starlet, a mini-model for clits who are a bit more sensitive or folks who just want to try this whole clit stimulator thing without committing to a more expensive model. For those who also enjoy penetration, the Womanizer InsideOut a comes with a G-spot stimulating shaft for a blended orgasm sure to rock the boat, as it were.

Time will only tell if Sandy was as satisfied “below deck” as Dr. Berman promised she’d be, but if you need further convincing and some entertaining reading material, you can always read our customers’ review of the Plus on our site.

Watch the full clip below:

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