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Why You Need Glass Adult Sex Toys | Ella Paradis

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Now I know some people might be intimidated by glass sex toys for their bold, dazzling look and often heavyweight, but I’m here to tell you, you need a glass sex toy in your life. 

Users of all levels can enjoy glass sex toys. This versatile material can be shaped into a variety of different shapes and sizes that even the most novice of users will enjoy with its firm sleek texture. 

Glass sex toys glide in and out and against the body with ease, especially when paired with your favorite lube. 

Now let’s talk about temperature play and the benefit of glass toys during temperature play. Glass sex toys can be heated and cooled to change up how it feels against your skin. On top of that, the material of the toys makes them both body safe and easier clean. 

Lastly, with their eye-catching unique shapes and radiance, glass sex toys can easily be confused for a work of art or home decor item! 

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