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Couples Sex toys for quarantine

Hi, everyone.

Today we’ll be talking about which women’s sex toy is best for beginners.

I always start this out with again it all comes down to you and your lifestyle.

But I will give you what I personally recommend, and you may take that as it is and run with it or explore what may work best for you on your own. Start with your research. I always say Start with your research.

Simply go on to Ellaparadis.com and scroll through the women’s sex toy category. Get familiar with what type of products there are. Right? So, if you don’t know, you don’t know. But at least it’s worth taking a look to see what the different types are of vibrators. What is the clitoral stimulator and go beyond that to then dig further into this specific type of product? Personally, for me, I recommend a clitoral stimulator.

I frequently talk about the Tap Dancer, but I always like to mention the Butterfly as well. And there’s Satisfyer Pro 2. But why is there a clitoral stimulators? Because if you’re starting out and this is your first time, if you are not comfortable with kind of, you know, exploring with putting a foreign object into you, then a clitoral stimulator is the best way to get familiar with sex toys. Clitoral stimulators will, of course, focus just on the vulva.

There are different types of clitoral stimulators. There are some that are air pulsing. There are some that are just pulsing. There are some that are vibrating. There are some that’s a combo of all three.

So, it depends on your level of comfort. But again, personally, I just recommend with starting exterior go through sensations that you know you could play with in the clitoral area.

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