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Which Material Is Safe For Women | Ella Paradis

Hello, everyone will be going over which sex toy material is safe for women.

And this is the women sex toys category on EllaParadis.com to start off, lots of materials are safe for women. Ella Paradis only carries toys from reputable brands and manufacturers, many of which have warranties too.

So why I say that is because just in case something happens to the silicone on the silicone toy or, for whatever reason, there’s something faulty with the glass in glass toys. But of course, it comes down to you.

The material comes down to your preference and your feel. Do you want something flexible and soft, or do you want something that has a silicone? Which silicone is, of course, one of the most popular, if not the most popular?

There’s body safe plastics, there’s stainless steel. And of course, I also mentioned glass. There are glass toys. Now most glass toys are made of the same durable and shatterproof glass that Pyrex uses.

So, it’s not just lunch containers they’re used for, they’re also used for toys to ensure the safety as you’re using them.

So as always, I recommend scrolling through our page, getting familiar with the products and the types of categories because there’s such a diverse and wide variety.

And then you can find this tip, tricks and more on our blog at EllaParadis.com, as well as our YouTube and Vimeo backslash Ella Paradis.

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