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Best Lube For Sex Toys | Ella Paradis

Hi, everyone today will be going over what is the best lube to use with your sex toys, and short answer is there is a universal lube, but it all comes down to your preference.

To start I highly recommend your default should always be a water-based lubricant. I’m not specifically endorsing any one brand. I am just showing you the different types of lubes that there are here on the Lubes, Gels and Creams category on EllaParadis.com.

So, as I mentioned, water-based lube is a very, very safe default because it won’t hurt any of the silicone on the silicone toys in which a silicone lube would.

Then you can, of course, use it with metal toys. You can use it with glass, but with metal and glass, you can use silicone-based lube if that is your preference. Just please avoid silicone-based with silicone toys as it does break down the silicone.

Remember, you can use lube with toys. You can use lube without toys. Solo play, couples play, multiple partner lube is your friend.

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