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What To Buy My Female Partner | Ella Paradis

All right, let’s talk best sex toys for your wife. There have been a few questions around best sex toys in general. Best lubes for you, etc. And I say in all these videos, it all complete completely comes down to your lifestyle and your preference, right?

What are you and your partner trying to accomplish? Is there something that your wife has stated or any sort of like sensations she’s trying to achieve, whether that be you using the toy on her or her having solo play with the toy? Best thing to always do is to go and get familiar with the products.

So, I am on the women’s sex toys page on EllaParadis.com. Where there are a variety of things from clitoral stimulators to wand massagers which have a vibrating tip, there are. There are a couple of vibrators. So, if it’s something where you are trying to get a toy for your wife, but this is something you’re exploring together, couples toys are great.

There are toys that have sensations on both ends for you and your partner. There are toys that you can use in a variety of ways, whether you and your partner are using it simultaneously or you’re using it while you’re on top of each other. Then there are stimulators and vibrators at the same time.

So again, it’s just a matter of getting acquainted. Are you looking for something like a dildo or something that has tapping and pulsing? And are you looking for vibrator, right? So, I can repeat myself over and over, but it all comes down to what your wife is trying to achieve and or the types of sensations you are trying to give off. As always, this and more can be found on our blog at EllaParadis.com, as well as their YouTube and our Vimeo, Vimeo.com/EllaParadis.

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