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Cleaning Silicone Toys | Ella Paradis

Hi everyone, today we’ll be going over how to clean silicone sex toys and what to use to clean a silicone sex toy.

In one of my previous videos, I talked about toy cleaning as a whole and toy cleaners and how crucial it is to ensure that you are cleaning your toy after every use.

But I am wanting to revisit this page because silicone sex toys require just the same kind of care and TLC as any other sex toy, metal, glass, etc.

So, best thing to do to clean a silicone sex toy:

 First off, if it is waterproof, you can use a lukewarm water and antibacterial soap.

Or you can go ahead and continue to default to toy cleaners which is a very, very good option as well as the cleansing tissues that I mentioned before.

The toy cleaners can be used across all types, silicone sex toy glass tech sex toy, metal sex toy.

So long story short to answer your question, the best way to clean a silicone sex toy is to apply a toy cleaner on to the toy.

Again, if it’s waterproof, go ahead and rinse it off. If not go ahead and take a damp towel or paper towel, or toilet paper if that is your preference. Clean up the toy after you put the spray on it. Sometimes I even go a little bit beyond you could take a little bit of alcohol wipe it down.

But the best way to clean a silicone sex toy is to use a toy cleaner.

You can find that at ellaparadis.com. Go ahead and search toy cleaners or you can look it up under category as well.

And you can find this and more at our blog on EllaParadis.com as well as our YouTube channel, and our Vimeo.com/ellaparadis.

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