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Hi, everyone today will be going over what are the best sex toys for women.

Of course, that is very broad because it comes down to your preference and what you want the toy to serve its purpose for.

I am on the adult woman’s sex toys category on EllaParadis.com, and what I’m going to do is just run you through the types of toys that are on this page.

So, you have things such as clitoral stimulators, you have your ones that are vibrators, essentially massagers. You have stimulators that are also stimulators and vibrators. Some have air pulsing, some have tapping.

You have vibrators that are for couples, but you can also use this for solo play too. You have dildos, you have essentially these are clitoral stimulators, but they have a flicking like a kind of like a mimicking of a tongue and then you have different types of tapping technology.

So, all in all, it really comes down to what you want the toy to do. As I mentioned, there is no one best sex toy for all types of women in all walks of life. No. It comes down to coming here, looking at the page, seeing what suits your fancy and seeing what you want the toy to do.

Are you looking for something to focus on the vulva or are you looking for something to hit the G-spot that all comes down to you?

As always, guys, this and more can be found on the Ella Paradis blog. This will also be on YouTube as well as Vimeo, Vimeo.com/EllaParadis.

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