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What are Dildos made of? | Ella Paradis

Hey, Ella Fans, so the question for today is what are dildos made out of? Sure, lots of you know, dildos can be made of a few different things:

  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass

However, not all materials are body safe or safer sex toys. Safe materials include metal one hundred percent medical grade stainless steel metal. You can add a powder coating to that with body safe coloring, and you’re good.  Silicone has to be, has to be 100 percent medical grade silicone or else it will disintegrate. It’ll just get on nasty, porous and you do not want that. 

Also, glass is an option. There’s two different kinds of glass. You really want a good shatterproof glass. So we’re looking more like a borosilicate as opposed to soda lime. Also, surprise surprise, wood, ceramic, stone. As long as they have medical grade sealing, glaze or kiln fired, you’re good to go. 

A great glass dildo option is the Glas Spiral Glass Dildo. Glass is always hard. Lube this beauty up for hours of deep penetration and pleasure. Raised spiral ridge increases stimulation, while the bulbous head activates the G-spot.

Also, we have the hard plastics, ABS or medical grade plastic.  These are the most commonly seen plastic with silicone. 

Again, just a reminder, toxic materials, anything under 100 percent silicone is a no go. All of these cyber skin, you are three fans of flesh, NIO Skin, Fox Flash, not 100 percent silicone, skip it! 

Coating, glaze or varnish, check the ingredients you know may contain highly toxic materials, so if it wasn’t previously mentioned, don’t do it. Always go with Ella. We got you! 

As always. This and more can be found on our blog at EllaParadis.com. You can also find us on YouTube and Vimeo, Vimeo.com/EllaParadis. 

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