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Technology has come an incredibly long way – pun very much so intended. Gone are the days where you have to remain abstinent for long periods of time because your partner lives in a different city or is away on a business trip. Wevibe toys allow you and your partner to pleasurable experiences together, despite being separated by distance.  Here’s how you can use We-vibe couples toys to enhance you and your partner’s sexual pleasure, along with your long distance relationship.

It's important to know the best ways to keep your long distance relationship healthy

Give your partner the remote while you’re away

Long distance relationships are difficult for many reasons, with one of the main ones being abstinence. It’s human nature to want to experience pleasure on the regular, especially with someone you love, and not being able to can quickly cause frustrations to rise.

However, with Wevibe toys, you can enjoy one another’s company in between the sheets even when you’re not in the same location.

Wevibe comes with an app which you install on your smartphone. The app can then be used as a remote for interactive play, regardless of the distance. This puts your partner in full control of the sensations you’re experiencing, allowing them to please, tease and pleasure you from a distance.

Add some excitement into your date nights

For the times when you are together, you likely can’t keep your hands to yourself. Unfortunately, you have to leave the bedroom but the pleasure doesn’t have to stop. With We-Vibe toys, you can use it anywhere you like.  It has an adjustable fit to suit your unique shape, allowing it to stay in place. Your partner can then log into the We-Vibe app, and send you some buzzing vibrations throughout the day. The anticipation alone is enough to keep your sexual appetite on high alert!


You can use Wevibe toys for solo play

While you love giving your partner full control over the sensations coming from your We-Vibe, there are going to be times when you’re eager to orgasm and your partner is unable to log onto the app. Fortunately, We-Vibe toys can also be used for solo play. There’s no rule against installing the app and using it to control our own stimulation. But in case you’re nowhere near your smartphone, don’t worry. We-Vibe toys come with a remote control as well.


Enhance your sex when you’re together

The powerful options don’t end there as you can also use We-Vibe toys with your partner. Since it’s unique shape is designed to fit snug in place, you can use it during sex to enhance your time spent together. As your partner penetrates you, he’ll experience the powerful vibrations you’re receiving on your clitoris and G-spot which is certain to promote an explosion of pleasure.  


we vibe is the perfect toy for long distance couples

Long distance relationships have never been easier with We-Vibe couples toys. The smartphone technology allows your partner to tease, please and play with you whenever they like. They can even sync the vibrations to the beat of your favorite song. The intensity can also be changed with a touch of a button.

Chantal McCulligh
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