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Best Selling Toys

We’ll keep this one straight to the point: there is a reason best selling sex toys are, well…. best sellers.

So, if you’re having a hard time choosing a silicone companion that is most suited to your pleasure, or if you simply don’t know where to begin your search, look no further.

Here are some of the top selling sex toys for women, men and couples.

Best Selling Sex Toys for Women

1. The Better Touch Vibe

The Best Selling of Vibrating Sex Toys

better touch vibe

This discreet and powerful toy is a best selling sex toy… and understandably so.

 The Better Touch Vibe fits in the palm of your hand for no-stress pleasure, and the bliss of its vibrations have not gone unnoticed. 

Here are some words of wisdom from Women’s Health:

“Sometimes, you just want a toy that lets you take things to the next level with minimal effort on your end. That’s where the Better Touch Vibe comes in. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and cups your clitoris for easy pleasure. It’s also waterproof and made of silicone for a second-skin feel.”” –Women’s Health

And some more pleasure insights from InStyle Magazine: 

“It’s the perfect accessory to take on the road; it’s so compact that you could fit it into your teeniest-tiniest purse and nobody would know it’s there. Plus, it’s pretty enough to leave on the nightstand without drawing attention.” – Instyle Magazine

So, if you are looking for a vibrator that is artfully designed, easy to use and gets the job done, you’ve found her. 

2. The Butterfly

The Best Selling of Clitoral Stimulating Sex Toys

butterfly clitoral stimulator

With over 100,000 sold, this product is a no-brainer (pun intended). 

The Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator has 10 different sucking levels with an easy push button to start and stop. With its compact and sleek design, this toy guarantees a clitoral orgasm for all vulva owners. And 100% waterproof, the Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator works wonders in the tub. 

Now, the only complaint from those who have enjoyed the company of this proclaimed toy is that they wish they had made their purchase sooner. Be sure to not make that same mistake. 

3. The Rabbit Lily

The Best Selling of Rabbit-Eared Sex Toys

rabbit lily rabbit vibrator

This beauty isn’t a best seller for nothing… 

The rabbit ears on the Rabbit Lily Rabbit Vibrator give a ‘tickling’ sensation — but you surely won’t be laughing with this one. This toy has 10 speeds, allowing you to build up the pressure at your pace. It has a dual-motor design, so you can have the internal and external stimulators working at different speeds. But if a steady, streamlined pace is more your style, you can match up the intensities and patterns in each motor. 

Still not convinced? Here is one of many 5 star reviews…

“I gotta be honest! I changed my mattress after using it. It made me squirt ALLOOOOOT especially when I turned it to number 10, oh boy [it] is a beast!” -Lylia

Best Selling Sex Toys for Men 

1. The Hawk Dual Masturbator

The Best Selling of Masturbator Sex Toys

The Hawk Dual Masturbator is not your typical men’s masturbator… this toy has not one, but two openings. One opening mimics a vagina while the other mimics a mouth.

The interior features textured nubs and ribs, providing a next-level experience. The outside silicone sleeve provides excellent gripping power and puts you in control of the tightness and fit. Additionally, you can squeeze the ‘body’ of the toy for added pressure during use. And if that isn’t enough, try soaking this toy in warm water for ~extra realness~

2. The Tenga Spinner Stoker Sex Toy

The Best Selling Spiral Masturbator

This Tenga Spinner Stroker is the kingpin of Spiral Motion Pleasure Gear. 

Put your Johnson inside and let the Spinner Stroker go nuts. The internal coil makes the spinner twist as you insert your member, sending amazing sensations with each intense stroke. There are 3 options for the nubs and coil inside, allowing you to customize your pleasure to your preferences…  

…now go ahead and get your spin on.

3. The Loki Sex Toy

The Best selling of Prostate Massaging Sex Toys

This prostate massager (vibrator) is no joke. The Loki Prostate Massager by Lelo was designed for men who want to have more daring, more powerful, more intense orgasms in their lives. 

This toy delivers perfect pleasure through 6 settings and a smooth, tapered design. It also features a flared base that provides additional stimulation externally. Plus, it was anatomically designed with your prostate in mind. Have a partner use this on you or use it on yourself. Whatever your preference, it is bound to bring upon an especially explosive orgasm. 

Best Selling Sex Toys for Couples 

1. The We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator 

The Best Selling of Remote Controlled Sex Toys

we-vibe chorus couple's vibrator

Not only is the We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator remote controlled, but its vibration patterns and intensities are influenced by human touch. The harder you squeeze the remote, the more intense things will get. With the remote in hand, you can control the toy while your partner is on top of you. Additionally, the Chorus Couples Vibrator is touch sensitive, meaning you can unlock the vibrations with your movements. 

You’ll be squeezing and shaking the remote like it’s your job… Featuring 10+ vibration modes that you and your partner can explore, it’s time you prepare yourself for a night full of sensual surprises.

2. The Sportsheets Bundle – Bikini Strap-On & Dildo Set 

The Best selling Strap-On 

The hardest part about finding a quality strap-on is finding a dildo that will fit, and finding a comfortable strap-on material. 

Well, it’s time to kiss that stress goodbye because Ella has a sweet treat in store for you. 

The Sportsheets Bundle – Bikini Strap-On and Dildo Set offers the whole package for a pairing like no other.  The straps are made with high-quality nylon and the frontal area is softly-padded for extra comfort. This toy comes with three-way adjustable nylon straps for the perfect fit and is able to fit any dildo with an approximate circumference of 1.25 inches. So if you have your own and would like to switch out the sword, go for it. 

Strap-on, game on.

3. The We-Vibe VERGE

The Best Selling of C-Ring Sex Toys

This c-ring is so much more than the toy you’ve seen in the 90’s porno films…

The We-Vibe VERGE is a luxurious vibrating penis ring for solo and partner play. This smooth silicone c-ring wraps around your penis and testicles to provide intense orgasms with perineum stimulation. It is perfect for penis-owners who want to experience longer and fuller erections during masturbation or sex with their partner. And to the vagina owners, you’ll feel the intense vibrations from this c-ring on your clitoris and vulva as you and your partner become intimate. As if things couldn’t get any better, this toy is also app enabled, so you can set it and savor it, totally hands-free. 

With 6 different ways to wear the VERGE, the opportunities are euphorically endless. Get ready to vibe hard with this one.

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